About Stitches n Dishes

Stitches ‘n Dishes is the creation of Christopher Ford, and it’s quite literally inspired by Stitch, an American Staff. Terrier mix / Bichon Frise, born October 24, 2010. The brand, Stitches ‘n Dishes was conceived in August, 2011 during a weekend-long brainstorming meeting between Chris, Rodney Washington, a Hollywood marketing consultant, and Andrew Nicora, in Santa Barbara, CA.

Stitches ‘n Dishes is a registered trademark of FotoMOJO, LLC, a marketing, advertising and branding company in the entertainment industry launched by Chris in 2004. It’s really simple – the brand represents Chris’ true passions – food, fun, photography and film.

We’re all about the gourmet experience, be it at a food truck, food festival or a great little sidewalk bistro. The site was founded on the extraordinary world of street food and the phenomenon that’s swept the country, but expanded to include restaurants in 2012.

We often invite guest bloggers to write articles for the site, and are always interested in hearing from writers in this industry.

Stitches ‘n Dishes has quickly become an industry authority with a significant presence on the social networks, and we’re often sought after for advice and input on start-ups, market trends, business analysis, event organizing efforts, and day-to-day operations input.

Early on in the site’s development, Food Network’s hit TV show, Eat St caught on to the site, and a new relationship was born. Stitches ‘n Dishes is a regular part of the Eat St blog site, contributing stories about our food experiences around California and beyond.

Thanks to our partnership with Eat St, we’re able to bring weekly recipes, featuring various food trucks across the continent, and we plan to expand to include restaurant recipes, as well. You’ll find the site packed with interesting news bits, food truck and food cart reviews, restaurant reviews, health and wellness articles, and even some business/marketing advice for restaurants and mobile food businesses.

We sponsor events all over California, and have co-organized major festivals such as the Penn Valley Food Truck Food Festival, and Food Network’s Eat St Trucks on the Vine at the Tri-Valley Wine & Food Festival in the Bay Area.

Stitches ‘n Dishes will appear on several Food Network Eat St. episodes in Season 4, so be sure to look out for Chris sampling some of San Francisco’s best street food.

Like the stitches on a quilt, Stitches ‘n Dishes combines social networking, blogging, mobile media, press, print distribution and video, creating a buzz and a following that brings people to their favorite dishes. We represent food vendors, branding their products, while promoting the venues where they serve. We support venues, including fair grounds, festivals and street fairs through sponsorship, social networking and promotions. Stitches ‘n Dishes is a pioneer in the mobile food services industry, providing California’s only network of vendors, venues and their fans, as well as news, schedules, reviews, high-quality photography, video and media coverage.

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