About Chris Ford

Chris is the founder of Stitches ‘n Dishes, and responsible for creating the tasty content, mouth-watering photos, and gripping news articles you see on the site. Chris was born in Newport, Rhode Island and moved to San Diego, CA when he was 11. He grew up in a commercial construction family with his mom, dad and two brothers. Growing up in a very rural part of San Diego County, Chris knows his way around a farm. His backyard consisted of horses, pigs, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, an orange grove, lemon grove and avocado grove, and 4H friends pretty much every weekend. You’d find birds, hamsters and guinea pigs inside the house.

He was always mesmerized by carnivals and fairs, and couldn’t get enough of them as a kid. To this day, Chris will be the first in line to go on any ride that’ll spin you around until you can’t walk! He remembers the first time he ever kissed a girl was on a merry-go-round at a carnival.

Chris worked with his dad and brothers in the family construction business, but wanted to do something different. His younger brother worked with his dad’s construction company, building houses in Southern California, while Chris and his older brother ventured off into the Air Force and Navy.

His older brother, Carl traveled the world in the Navy, while Chris lived in Mississippi and Texas.

Chris wanted to see more, so he moved to Colorado after leaving the Air Force, then finally back to California. He’s lived from Chula Vista all the way up to Sacramento, and his work has taken him around the globe.

At an early age, Chris found a passion for writing. He’s written hundreds of short stories, editorials and articles, and he studied journalism in college. He later went back to college, studying mass communications, marketing and business management. His passion for writing turned into a passion for photography.

Chris felt that a picture really is worth a thousand words, and he loves to use pictures to say something. He’s worked as a photographer in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco and the Bay Area, and Sacramento, and his work in marketing has taken him around the world.

But his best memory of his travels is riding down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco on a bicycle with his best friend, camping in every town they passed, meeting people and going to fairs, carnivals and even a car show along the way.

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