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New testimony has surfaced in the depositions of Jackson’s female domestic partner, Priscilla Summerlin and Sandra Sikes, an employee at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House which could prove very damaging to Lisa Jackson’s discrimination and harassment lawsuit against Paula Deen.

Summerlin stated during deposition on February 13, 2013 that she did not believe that the other employees at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House shared Jackson’s feelings about the workplace conditions, as stated in Jackson’s complaint about the restaurant. Summerlin also stated that she did not recall Jackson claiming that Hiers asked her to watch pornography with him at the restaurant. During a bizarre deposition interview, Summerlin changed direction in her testimony at multiple points, and said that the difference between right and wrong is “debatable.”

During the deposition, Summerlin stated that she assisted Jackson in drafting the now infamous, “praise letter” just two months prior to Jackson’s abrupt resignation from the restaurant, and claimed that the words in the letter were genuine and expressed Lisa Jackson’s “heart-felt belief at the time.”

Does that [letter] fairly represent what her thoughts were concerning Paula Deen at the time?


In other words, she didn’t draft this letter as a big lie to Paula Deen, did she?


Well, you did have a conversation on May 27th, 2010 where Lisa Jackson expressed to you that Paula Deen was a role model for women, wasn’t she?

She was, yes.

And especially for those women who had started out in a place in life that would be less than fortunate, isn’t that true?

That’s true.

Summerlin and Jackson began dating approximately two and a half years after Jackson began working at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House, and Jackson informed her repeatedly of racial and sexual harassment occurring on a daily basis in the workplace at the restaurant, according to her deposition testimony. The pair now share a home in Atlanta, Georgia where Jackson works at Mary Mac’s Tea Room, according to the deposition.

Jackson and Summerlin relocated to Atlanta two years ago, taking with them an iMac computer, Nikon digital camera, and a three-tiered plate stand that belonged to Uncle Bubba’s. Prior to leaving town, Summerlin and Jackson paid a computer repair store to replace the hard drive in the computer, according to the deposition.

Summerlin, a nurse practitioner, said it was, ”the same thing over and over, porn over the email, multiple discriminatory remarks regarding sex, sexual orientation, race, gender… It was a constant communication with her and Karl [Schumacher] about fair pay. I mean, I can remember it being as early as maybe fall of 2007, and it went through the end of her [Jackson's] employment.” However, Jackson helped Summerlin’s sister, Ashley Martinez be hired at Uncle Bubba’s, despite her knowledge of discrimination, harassment and violence in the workplace.

Summerlin changed her testimony several times, stating that Jackson did not complain about sexual or racial harassment at the restaurant at all. She claimed she had not been aware of the working conditions at the time she recommended her sister to Jackson, her domestic partner in 2007. By this time, Jackson had been employed as General Manager for over two years, and claims that sexual harassment, sex and racial discrimination and violence were common practice in the workplace, beginning when she became employed at Uncle Bubba’s in 2005.

In 2007, when you began dating Miss Jackson did she tell you that she had been subjected to sexual harassment nearly every single day she came to work over the prior two and a half years?


Did she tell you that she was subjected to racial harassment nearly every single day she came to work over the prior two and a half years?

Not that I recall.

Did you ever ask her, by the way, how it is that she is able to manifest a claim for racial harassment in this case?


Summerlin later claimed that her knowledge of the incidents reported in Jackson’s complaint accumulated over a period of time, but she took no action to help her sister, Martinez or her domestic partner, Jackson to get out of the abusive environment. In fact, Summerlin wrote an employee handbook for Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House under the direction of Jackson in 2010.

“I know that the discussions started in probably late 2008 when things had gotten — I think it — from what I remember it…” she stated during deposition. However Summerlin could not recall any incidents of racial or sexual harassment or discrimination by Paula Deen, “I don’t have any off the top of my head…,” she said during her deposition.

Sikes also confirmed during deposition that Jackson never related to her any concerns or complaints about Bubba Hiers or management at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House throughout her tenure, despite Jackson’s claims in her complaint which launched the lawsuit last year.

During the deposition in February, Sikes recalled an incident at the restaurant when Jackson was recorded by security cameras, removing an empty syrup box from the trash, placing it on the floor in front of a tea urn, then photographing the scene in order to use it as evidence in a written reprimand of Sikes. “… that was not there when I left the night before,” she said during deposition. “So later that afternoon, I went and looked at the cameras and saw where she had actually taken it out of the trash can and put it on top of the tea urn and took a picture of it. So I showed it to Bubba to let her know I felt like she was setting me up.”

Jackson also claims in her lawsuit that Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House requires black employees to enter through the back door, use separate bathrooms, and does not hire black employees to work with customers. “I guess she [Jackson] hired or somebody hired an African American hostess,” Summerlin stated during deposition, “and Bubba requested that they be fired, which there were no African American front of house staff except for bussers, but I guess that’s technically back of house staff.”

Employees at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House disagree. Willie Smith, a server for the last nine years, made a statement on his Facebook page on July 1, denying that only whites are allowed to work in the front with guests at the restaurant. Smith stated, “I’ve worked at Ms. Deen’s restaurant for close to nine years and I’m as “BLACK” as they come. I was never forced to enter through the back door. It’s a rule that ALL employees enter through the back door… Many of her staff in the front house are black.”

willie smith facebook post

Deen’s other restaurant, Lady and Sons features an Employee of the Month section, demonstrating a history of recognition of employees back to 2009. Many of those recognized for outstanding service are black, front house workers, including servers.

Claims of sexual misconduct and harassment are a continuing trend for Jackson. Summerlin stated that Jackson claimed to have been raped on multiple occasions and received counseling, and she recalled a recent incident of sexual assault in the workplace. Summerlin stated that Jackson worked as the General Manager at Cafe Intermezzo in Atlanta, Georgia then as an independent contractor in various positions. During her employment at Cafe Intermezzo, Jackson was witness to “inappropriate behavior with other staff members,” she said. During deposition, she stated, ”They had a history of sexually inappropriate relationships, I guess you could say. My understanding was that either the owner or a manager witnessed a very intoxicated employee being forced into intercourse with multiple people.” The incident apparently went unreported.

You know the difference between right and wrong, don’t you?

It’s all debatable.

Oh it is?

Oh, it is.

Summerlin’s deposition also revealed that in the early Spring of 2009, Lisa Jackson attended four EEOC mediations for claims that had been filed against her while working at Uncle Bubba’s. Four women filed claims, accusing Jackson of age discrimination and retaliation. In one case, Jackson had a falling out with a manager, Elaine Thomas and became enraged, telling Thomas to “get the f–k out of the restaurant.”

This wasn’t the only case where Jackson lost her temper in the restaurant. A person speaking under conditions of anonymity told Stitches ‘n Dishes that the problems became apparent shortly after Jackson started in her position at Uncle Bubba’s.

“She’d lose her temper in front of customers. There was always a fight between her and the customers, and she’d throw them out. Long-time employees resigned from Bubba’s, because they refused to work with Lisa Jackson.”

Paula Deen fans continue to support Deen. The We Support Paula Deen Facebook page launched the Butter Wrappers for Paula campaign to send a message to the corporations that have severed ties with the cook with Southern charm. The company that publishes Paula Deen’s magazine heard the message. ”Readers said if we dropped the magazine they would cancel subscriptions to other magazines we publish,” Hoffman told New York Post.

“In the eight years that we have collaborated with Ms. Deen, we have witnessed her consistent generosity toward numerous charities, from hunger relief and battered women to a Savannah-based orphanage, to name a few,” company Vice President Eric Hoffman said in a press release.

Hoffman Media began publishing Cooking With Paula Deen six times a year beginning in 2005. The magazine reaches approximately 350,000 readers. Hoffman Media is one of the few companies that still support Paula Deen, and announced that it will publish Deen’s new cookbook, Paula Deen’s New Testament which was dropped by Ballantine Books last week.

Deen also announced this morning that she’s parted ways with long-time manager Barry Weiner, as she embarks on a new direction for Paula Deen Enterprises.

“Paula Deen has separated from her agent,” Deen’s spokeswoman, Elana Weiss, said in an email Thursday. “She and her family thank him for the tireless effort and dedication over the many years.”

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  • Amanda

    Chris, keep printing the truth….we’ll get it out there somehow! Since they took it to the public…then OKAY…lets get it ALL into the public! ;) Well said and I’m going to do my part and share because I have read EVERY document and deposition you have I’m sure ;) I love Sikes…she puts Billips in his place a time or 2…she’s got spunk so I think she’s going to be able to hold her own in this and show that Jackson is lying for sure.

    • StitchesnDishes

      LOL! Yes… Sikes’ deposition was fun to read. I love the intro. The tension between the attorneys is classic. Thanks for reading!

      • megan graham

        was Ms. Sikes in the room when they were going at it like 13 year old school girls? LOL! that would have been hard to sit through?

      • Amanda

        I’ve been on board with you since back when you started writing about it…because I was engrossed in finding out the truth as well…in fact I was part of the (WSPD) group at around the 150-200 member mark ;) I’m not pretty deep into the page with all the documents/depos on it…and I’m now in a mental battle trying to wrap my head around why these corporations cant stand on their own moral fiber….it’s just so far out of bounds to be really happening to her.

  • Micaylah na Clan fra Skye

    Oh, Im lovin’ this. Finally the truth is coming out. I always said there was more to this than the media was letting on. The math just didn’t add up. Thank you StitchesnDishes!!

    • StitchesnDishes

      Thanks for reading, Micaylah!

      • Sandy Flack Aerne Spencer

        Is it just a coincidence that the same people (businesses) dropping Paula support Obama? Perhaps its because Michelle doesn’t like “butter”. Strange things are happening these days. Either way, in my opinion, Paula has nothing to apologize for, whether she said anything or not, she is an American protected by the Constitution. Can anyone say, “Freedom of Speech?”

  • Angie Lowe

    Enjoyed being enlightened by this article. I have always been & will always be a major Paula Deen fan. I am even called the Paula Deen of our family because of my southern cooking. I adore Paula Deen. She is a true Southern LADY & a True Southern Gem of the finest quality & I for one never ever want to see her ridiculed & disrespected on Nat’l TV ever again. She has done nothing but deserve our respect & admiration.

  • Lara

    When Paula Deen Gets through with this LISA idiot, she is going to be washing dishes at the jail house to get a job!!

    • Pinky5712

      I sure hope so !!

  • Angela Borte

    As I’ve said all along, Lisa Jackson is just trying to get money from Paula and her brother. All I have to say about her is that Karma is a bi**h and Karma is coming for Lisa! Ha! Ha! Ha! She better hope she don’t slip on any butter wrappers! :) lol

    • Charlene Nation

      You are right Angela. All she is looking for is money. I have said this from the start.

    • Tbill

      Yes, she is finding out it is expensive to live in Atlanta!

  • Cynthia Gray

    Obviously, at least from this article, Ms. Jackson’s past is coming back to haunt her. She is questionable to say the least, in her honesty. Even her “partner” can’t back her up. Should Paula be asked to come back to Food Network if they come to their senses? NO!! She should start her own Southern Cooking Network and blow their ratings into the dumper!

    • Charlene Nation

      I agree with Cynthia. I truly believe in karma. Give them time and Food Network will be “eating” their own words.

    • Kathy

      Or even better hire their BEST chefs away from the Food Network. This whole situation should stand as a warning to those still working on FN that they could be the NEXT victim. We have laws in this country that secure “innocent until proven guilty.” FN decided they should be judge and jury and the media did the same thing.

      • David Stroud

        ABC seems to be interested in Deen. They already have four of their chefs on The Chew, and oprah gave Rachel Ray her own show. Even Oprah expressed intrest in the past for Paula. The more these things come out, some people apologized for jumping to conclusions.

    • maria

      Yes most positively.

    • BACFA

      Because Paula committed no crime, I believe she stands to gain millions in a lawsuit against those who perpetuated the smear campaign and those cowering companies that convicted her in the public square. We will see who comes out on top. How many other Food Network hosts and employees are willing to go under oath and answer the same question?
      first stone

    • DF


  • Katie Alexander

    As always, correct information is always appreciated. It i my hope that all of those people who have voiced their negative opinions about Ms. Deen will see this and maybe ask her nicely how to better prepare their feet before sticking them in their mouths. Thank you kindly for keeping us all up to speed on the TRUTH :)

    • Sandra Wise

      I hope this includes the giant Walmart. They pulled her things the minute the first article was written. They judged her immediately!

      • Kenneth Dreger

        Maybe if you ever do go to WM, take this article with you and give it to the GM at your local WM, tell him/her that you “Were” a loya;l WM customer BUT not now, not until WM takes PD back and publically apoligizes to her and her family for Jumping to judgement! Just an idea…..

        • Geraldyne85

          I did do that to corporate WM and all I got was an automated or robo response, which is the last straw!!! The more we tweet, FB, e-mail to these places, the more they need to listen to the people!!! The store AM at the WM also gave out some lameo excuse too which also made the decision easier to say bye bye bye to WM!!! They lost many loyal customers for good—especially me!!!

      • Geraldyne85

        I think WM is not only bad for taking her merchandise away but also they are bad at ad matching products and extremely bad for not listening to the customers so I tweeted WM everyday to get the message out!!!

  • sue speaker

    SO MS jACKSON WORKED FOR uNCLE bUBBA’S FOR 10YRS. tHEN SHE DECIDED SHE COULD ,MAKE ALOT OF MONEY AND PUBLICITY! Then she steals thing from the resturant,including a computer.HMMMMMMM! then she has the harddrive replaced! One wonders what was on the hard drive,Obviously not good for her case,or she would have left it alone! Stealing and slander and tampering with evidence is illegal in the USA. How do u sleep at nite! All I have to say KARMA baby Karma! Paula and family are nice and helpful people. God bless them all!

    • marilyn carlin

      Ms. Jackson and her partner are just a bunch of liars….out for money and trying to destroy a wonderful Lady….If they did have a computer repair person change the hard drive and all that stuff was on it that they claim think about it he would have had to turn it over to the authorities, I just don’t understand how people in the courts don’t have enough common sense to realize that this is just an a ploy and the new restaurants that Ms. Jackson is working at watch your back and your stuff………

  • Clever Teacher

    I want to know more about Jackson’s past employments esp re: complaints, lawsuits, police reports, settlements, etc. I absolutely believe it was extortion, pure and simple.

    • Amanda

      If you’re on Facebook, you can check out the page “Who Is Lisa T. Jackson?” which has compiled all the documents which talks about those very things…in fact, Chris has a link up there ^ ^ in his article :)

  • Karen

    enjoyed learning the truth about lisa jackson, praying things will work out for paula deen

  • Darla Simcox Decker

    I love Paula Deen, I am going to support her by buying her new cookbook!!!

    • kat

      I bought it and her magazine also.

    • FRAN

      Just bought her brand new “Green Pots and Pans”..Have not had new pots etc for a very long time, Very excited to have them now and they are lovely.

    • DF


  • Angie

    Finally, the truth is coming out about Ms. Jackson as I knew it would. Paula Dean made mistakes as we all have and she was honest about them. For those companies that dropped Ms. Deen you have all made a huge mistake. I hope Paula creates her own cooking network! Who needs Food Network!

    • rhonda

      Agreed, I quit watching Food Network because of this, I always loved watching her shows as well as Diners, Drive Ins & Dives, but I bypass that channel now. Their hasty decision caused other companies to follow suit, They all owe her a public apology.

      • Tina Kramer

        ITA. I’ve stopped watching Food Network too even though I love many of their shows.

      • Kari Cryan Williams

        We used to have the food network on constantly. Not anymore. I even wrote them an email and told them why. They will be sorry. I agree. She needs her own network anyway. Maybe it’s the push she needs. Do it Paula!!! We will watch!

    • Brenda Roberts

      And I hope she tell them, if they want her back, Where to stick it! And they might need a little butter to stick it there…LOL

  • Chris

    Finally some media seems to be listening to what we have been saying since this all started. I hope the lawsuits start flying in the opposite direction and charges are brought against Jackson’s pig of attorney who posted those tweets about him undressing Paula metaphorically and what a “hoot” it was suing her….and for that letter he sent to Ms Deen insisting that they settle for 1.25 million or they were going to go public(call it blackmail, call it extortion, call it just wanting them to settle out of court)either way it was unethical. Every claim that Lisa Jackson has put out there is being proven FALSE!

    In my opinion HELL NO she shouldn’t go back to FoodNetwork or any other company that dropped her so quickly. It may have been their right to do so and legal however it still doesn’t make it right.

    • Southern81

      While Lisa Jackson is in no way innocent, I think equal fault lies with the attorney. He was money hungry and saw this case as the ticket to his fame and fortune. There were deep pockets to pick and big headlines to be made.

      I’ve gone to an injury lawyer and I was amazed at how they pushed me to sue for the maximum.not because I needed that much money to repair the damage, but just because the insurance policy would cover that much. I felt a lot of pressure from them to sure for all that I could. I felt they were using me to make money for themselves and they it had very little to do with the facts. Ultimately I dropped the lawyers and accepted the offer from the insurance company, which more than covered the damage.

  • BrendaDSnith3

    This is the first time I have ever heard of or read anything of “Stitches and Dishes” Thank you for this and please keep up the good work. Do you have an e-mail or facebook I can follow?

  • kat

    The ones who bailed out on Paula should have waited until the case was over. Too quick to judge. All have said hurtful things. We can’t sue everytime we are hurt over some word or words. The judge needs to throw out this case or open up a can of worms for extortionists.

  • steven

    Burn jackson burn. Hope you’re ready for the fallout when this blows up in your face. Oh the lawsuit I see coming your way.

  • Boo Menestrina

    Thank you for bringing us this information. I refuse to shop or watch any network who has fired Paula. Outrages what these corps are doing to a wonderful role model who has spent years building her business. I want to support in anyway possible so please keep her fans posted on what we can do to help

  • gammaw

    Looks like something came back to bite Lisa Jackson in her A _ _.It don’t pay to lie because you’re going to get caught sooner or later.This Lisa Jackson needs to be put away somewhere and get some help.

  • Janice

    Thank you for this article and standing up for Paula Deen…I think it is dispicable how she has been treated by the press, the companies who have gained revenue off of her popularity and now bailed before she has even had her day in court…not to mention other food celebrities she has helped launch their careers…I admire those who are standing up for her and speaking out and I hope someone in Paula’s circle is keeping a list of all those who have vanished…when she wins this and rises back to the top her load should be a lot less to carry…those fair weather friends should be forgotten…but since she is the kind of person she is…she probably will turn the other cheek…

  • Janice

    Does anyone know if Ms. Jacksons new employment has a Facebook page…I think we need to visit it and praise Paula on it…I saw somewhere that opinions on twitter got more attention than Facebook…..I would think MM’s tea room should start watching out…they could be the next place of employment to get attacked or sued…

    • Amanda

      Ya know…as much as that might seem a good idea…think about this. Food Network dumped Paula without giving her rights any regard. Ms Jackson’s present employer hired her probably without knowledge of this whole mess in the beginning and if they dump HER without giving HER rights (as wrong as her possible malicious intent might be) any regard (that hurts to even say but it’s true) then they are just as evil minded as Food Network is. They are right for allowing this to go to trial before they stand in judgment of their employee and we probably should leave them out of this….IMHO. Trashing them or their business isn’t right since they really have no dog in this fight (besides maybe Ms Jackson but in their eyes nothing has been ruled on by a Judge and a gavel has not been dropped, so they actually have more moral fiber than Food Network in my book).

  • Pinky5712

    Lisa Liar Jackson is gonna get what’s coming to her and that KARMA bus is going to run her over and turn around and do it again.Thanks for all the great information. I love your site.

  • StitchesnDishes

    Hi Brenda!
    You can find Stitches ‘n Dishes on Facebook:

    Thanks for reading and supporting Stitches ‘n Dishes!

  • Carol Lee Brown

    The sponsors that had a knee jerk reaction to all of this are really going to regret their not waiting to see this through. Paula will overcome this and be as big as ever….she will definitely know who her friends are.

  • Dianne Shelley

    Just wanted to update my actions in the campaign for Paula Dean. Today I went to Wal-Mart. I bought a set of her knives, one of her magazines and registered a verbal complaint. (I’ve already e-mailed 4 complaints.

    • Bonnie Logan

      I won’t step foot in any of the stores that dropped her. If I buy Paula Deen’s products, I’ll buy from either her website or from Stitches and Dishes! Full support for Paula means not to support ANYONE who has dropped her!

  • EDS

    What a nightmare this case is! I pray Justice prevails for Deen. Jackson seems to be a disgruntled employee with emotional issues and in need of psychological help.

  • FRAN

    My thoughts are that this person, Lisa Jackson, has bitten off more than she can chew. I also feel that the Food Network did not listen to all the facts before they fired Paula. They will be in shock when they realize so many people have left their station. I wonder how many people have left.. I know 10 here in my immediate circle. .

    • EDS

      My entire family decided to watch cooking shows, elsewhere! We are boycotting The Food Network. PBS and other channels have excellent cooking programs. Hopefully, Deen will be able to rally her enterprises and reorganize. Then, perhaps, she will produce her own cooking shows.

  • Gayle Reser

    I don’t understand why they did not arrest Ms. Jackson AND her attorney for extortion… they arrested that man in New York for exactly the same thing. And re: Bubba’s restaurant, I’ve been there many times and have had wait staff from many cultures. The last couple of times the cashier RIGHT in front of the door was African American. I think Ms Jackson saw an opportunity for big bucks and went for it. Paula isn’t perfect but she did not deserve this witch hunt.

    • Geraldyne85

      They should had also arrested LJ for theft—-felony theft for stealing the items out of the restaurant!!! Hope they do that and soon!!! There needs to be justice!!! We love ya, Paula!!!!

  • Barbara Matthews

    I have to say it has been tough, but I am now Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Jc Penney, Target, and Home Depot Free! I haven’t shopped at any of these locations for about 3 weeks. I haven’t watched FN either. I emailed all of these locations and expressed my displeasure at their hasty descision and all I got from JC penney was ” Sorry that you feel that way” signed Tonya. I received an apology from Sears that was genuinely more sincere than Penney’s and received no comment from Walmart, Home Depot,
    or Target at all.

  • jerry

    I will support Paula as long as when the truth outs,and all these companies decide to take her back,and she tells them to kiss her white ass! If she forgives them and goes back then I am done with her!

  • EQ4ALL

    Sounds like a lot of corporations (lower case intended due to lack of respect), will have MUD IN THEIR EYE before this is over!

  • ride2live

    I find it remarkable that this deposition was taken in February and withheld from public consumption while Paula Deen was being publicly LYNCHED. Someone certainly had no problem whatsoever getting Paulas’ deposition out there, where have these other ones been hiding?? You know, the ones that spell out in detail what a deceitful sociopath the woman who is alleging these terrible things about the Deen family is??

    Paula seriously needs better people protecting her (PR, attorneys, etc). Discrediting this blackmailing sociopath should have been very simple, and it should have happened months ago.

  • Louise

    I thought this woman was in it for the money too, She didn’t have to stay with Paula 10 years If her asserstions were true and she was really a woman of real conviction, not a pathetic money grubber, she would have gone to the authorities long ago with her complaints. Then gone out and found a new job. If this was happening to me their would have been no way that I would have worked in those conditions. No paycheck no matter how much would be worth it!

  • K Scott

    After this trial is over, Paula should then turn around and sue for defamation of character…..

  • Phyllis Jean Haws-Garard

    would like to read all the court and depositions on this case that I could find if anyone knows where you could get them I would appreciate it. I like hearing and reading the true facts not this media line of bull that they do give us

  • StitchesnDishes

    That’s not the computer that she claimed had porn on it. The iMac is a computer Bubba’s bought probably for creating menus and advertisements. They bought it for the graphics capability.

    • Phyllis Jean Haws-Garard

      Thanks for clearing that up I misunderstood it due to the next paragraph saying what it said i took it to mean that it meant the computer she took had Porn on email and such sorry for misunderstanding it. My mistake I am just trying to figure this all out by reading everything about it Thank you for posting this info for people to hear the truth

      • StitchesnDishes

        Don’t feel bad. There’s a lot of weirdness around that iMac. In her testimony, she said that the computer was struck by lightning. That just seemed so far fetched and out in left field, I didn’t include it in the story. If a computer is struck by lightning, there would be a lot more than the hard drive to replace. So I feel it’s an unanswered question. Were they hiding something or were they just stealing a computer?

        • Steve Elder

          I do data recovery and its very low chance like 10% that the surge took out the hard drive. Most computers have a surge protector as a 1st line of defense, the power supply is the 2nd line of defense. If some how both failed and it did fry the circuit board on the hard drive the data on disk can still be recovered unless a direct hit and the whole damn computer melted. To bad I cant get my hands on that HD!!

  • StitchesnDishes

    We’ve got all of Paula’s cookbooks in the Stitches ‘n Dishes store. Click “Shop SND” in the menu at the top of the page. All proceeds will be donated to The Bag Lady Foundation.

    Paula’s new book will be printed! Hoffman, the publisher of her magazine, has taken the book on, and will publish hopefully this year. They haven’t announced the release yet.

    • Kenneth Dreger

      Now, this is what I call real support, putting your $$$ in the game is what counts….. Thank you so much for this and I will check out your store……

  • Janet Breton

    Very well written and informative article…..thank you. I have read Paula’s deposition and it supported what I felt all along; that this is nothing but a witch hunt!

  • Lisa Thomas Kriegar

    It takes a lifetime to build a reputation that is good, and a second to tear it all apart.

    A bad reputation will follow you all of your days. Congrats, Lisa Jackson.

  • Jean

    Wasn’t Paula Dean instrumental in the Neely’s becoming part of Food Network. To me, that is the most nothing show on Food Network.

  • Julianna Villalobos

    I wish that Paula would file a “Defamation of Character” suit against Lisa Jackson. But Paula is too goodhearted to do it. Plus how can Lisa Jackson make up for the millions lost…
    The criminal justice system needs to have something in place to punish those that make false allegations.

  • David Drolet

    Food Network CEO’s nothing but a few pompous asses! They made themselves look like old fools.

  • Mickie

    What goes around comes around!! Thanks for publishing this article. GO PAULA!

  • Steve Elder

    Great Job Chris! Love being able to link your articles to the naysayers. Keep it coming!!

  • maria

    we love you Paula keep a stiff upper lip and a smile on that wonderful face and stay the wonderful lady you are.
    We’re pulling for you.

  • Krystle Bourland

    And the truth comes out! Lisa Jackson is nothing but a money hungry f***ing liar! And Paula should make Food Network choke on their own stupidity.

  • fed up

    She just stated that Lisa STOLE items from Bubba’s…. together they should have enough value to warrant grand theft shouldn’t they?

  • Marcia Reese Haley

    Thank God we are starting to see people “in the know” stepping up to put the record straight. I did not believe for a nanosecond that Paula Deen was racist, and have only had that belief confirmed by this article. Sounds like Jackson is going to get set straight after all. Shame on the Food Network and all the sponsors that dropped Paula Deen based on an obvious lie by Jackson.

  • Jean Allen

    I have never been a huge fan of Paula Deen. Can’t remember EVER watching any of her cooking shows. But then again, I don’t watch ANYBODY’S cooking shows, so there’s that. What I am a very huge fan of is: THE TRUTH! And when all of this first came out- with Ms. Deen’s confession and then reading some more about Ms. Jackson and her past, I thought that the truth was being very well concealed. Now it seems that the truth is just about to spring out on the side of Paula Deen. If and when it does, I hope that all the companies that were so quick to drop her enjoy eating the egg off their face. Scrambled with cheese- just like their brains.

  • Linda McAlister

    My family refuses to ever turn on Food Network again. I feel they are ridiculous for the treatment of Paula Dean and do not deserve her! She needs her own network! Paula Dean Network! Food Network has really blown it as far as I am concerned. There is not one person on there that is pure and perfect. We are all human.

  • Carol Peterson

    Ms Jackson seems to be covering her bad behavior and transferring it to Paula. She certainly has a memory problem. Paula Deen needs to have an apology coming to her! She has been trashed by the lies of others!!!

  • Chris

    So I have been wondering what is so special about Lisa Jackson
    making provisions in the handbook….well now I see. She made a
    sexual discrimination provision the sexual harassment provision that
    was in there prior to Dec. 2009 had NO COMPLAINT PROCEDURE. SO
    Lisa and her partner re-did the handbook and included one…..HUMMMM
    and now all this happens……VERY INTERESTING

  • DF


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  • Reese

    With Jackson’s history of claiming sexual harassment & accusing the owner and/or manager of either knowing about it or witnessing it & doing nothing about it, Mary Mac’s Tea Room should put some serious thought into video & audio surveillance to cover their butts as long as she works for them. I find it hard to believe that an employee would be gang raped & it would go unreported. If this were true & Lisa Jackson knew about it, why would she tell her partner & not the police? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

  • Cathy CC.

    Jackson and her lover aren’t together any more. Per someone that knows Silla.

  • StitchesnDishes

    Lisa Jackson has indeed been interviewed, Natalie. It’s her complaint that’s filed in court. None of the other witnesses confirm her allegations, and most of them actually spell out an entirely different story. Lisa Jackson has a history of filing complaints against people for sexual assault and sexual harassment. She filed a complaint about her doctor shortly after filing the lawsuit against Paula Deen. She claimed her doctor sexually harassed her. She then claimed that she witnessed a gang rape at another restaurant she went to work for after she left Uncle Bubba’s. All of the testimony is laid out in their depositions, and they do paint a very clear picture.

  • katiehutton

    I have been told Paula is as liberal as they come. So this is not a partisan issue. Anyone can confirm?

  • Carolyn K. Purple

    I di believe that Miss Jackson Filed suit to cause problems and to get money out of Bubba and Paula.
    The deposition clearly proves that. I would safely bet that there are people at Food Network has also used the “N” word.

  • Betty Brown

    As far as I am concerned, I will do without before I ever buy Smithfield ANY THING. Ballantine is no more as far as I am concerned. When we stop adhering to innocent until proven guilty, we have allowed media and TRASH to destroy our legal system. What’s next?

  • waunita stoney

    I think Paula the Lady that she is will do as she feels fit to do . Shame on those that tried to shame her. As for those who dropped their sponsorship
    I bet their wishing they had stood Behind Her . Go Bless You Paula and Her Family.

  • JaneneMc

    I hope all of the stores that dropped Paula Deen hang their heads in shame and she has a right to monetary damages.

  • JaneneMc

    Food Network, Target, Walmart and the other, etc’s need to apologize publically to Paula Deen. She can sue them big time if she wants her life to remain in limbo. Just know how things can drag out in the court system for years. They would be wise to settle quickly.