food network, paula deen, bubba hiers, racist, n word, lisa jackson, uncle bubba's seafood and oyster house, savannah, georgia, national enquirer, law suit, sexual harassment, discrimination

In recent days, Food Network pulled the plug on Paula Deen, the Queen of Southern Cuisine after an onslaught of media reports, citing Deen’s purported admission to the use of racial epithets and a subsequent awkward public apology by Deen herself. The leaked transcript of Deen’s deposition reveals dozens of media misquotes, leading fans to demand her return to the network.

food network, paula deen, bubba hiers, racist, n word, lisa jackson, uncle bubba's seafood and oyster house, savannah, georgia, national enquirer, law suit, sexual harassment, discrimination

Most of the reports were quoted from the transcript of Deen’s May 17, 2013 testimony given in deposition to the attorney for Lisa Jackson, a Caucasian woman in her 40’s who has filed a law suit against Paula Deen Enterprises and Deen’s brother, Bubba Hiers, alleging racism including the use of the ‘N word’, sexual harassment and infliction of emotional distress and assault while working at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia from 2005 – 2010 as the General Manager.

UPDATE: In light of the show of overwhelming support fans are showing for Paula, we’ve created the #WeWantButter hash tag on Twitter in her honor. Retweet and favorite if you support Paula!

food network, paula deen, bubba hiers, racist, n word, lisa jackson, uncle bubba's seafood and oyster house, savannah, georgia, national enquirer, law suit, sexual harassment, discrimination

Paula Deen Enterprises owns 50% of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House, however Deen herself does not work at the restaurant. Hiers maintains a position at the restaurant, overseeing operations and the General Manager.

A few months prior to resigning and filing the law suit, Jackson wrote a letter to Deen, praising Deen and Hiers, stating,

“when I came to work for this company, as a person, I felt hopeless. I needed something, some opportunity that could provide me hope as an individual, as a woman, to make it on my own. At 15, homeless, without parents and with a young child, my life was headed in a direction no one could ever assume positive. As you know, I did what I had to do to survive, but it clearly was not the freedom or happiness I ever hoped for… When I started working for Bubba, he gave me an opportunity that allowed me, over time, a freedom I have never experienced. He allowed me, for once in my life to take care of myself and for once, have faith in myself as a person and as a woman to know that I could do it on my own; y’all were my Aunt Peggy… I have been given opportunities that I never thought possible, all because of you and Bubba.”

She left Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House abruptly, with no notice, and didn’t return to work. A few months later, Deen and Hiers received a letter from Jackson’s attorney, Matthew Billips of Billips & Benjamin LLP, asking for $1.25 million in settlement for the accusations that Jackson asserted, or else they’d tell every media outlet in the country about the accusations. Deen refused to fork over a settlement, claiming it was extortion.

Attorneys for Paula Deen Enterprises and Bubba Hiers filed a motion to dismiss the law suit, citing the letters Jackson and her attorney sent, and claiming that the accusations were false,

“Prior to the filing of this suit, Jackson repeatedly threatened to assert scurrilous claims publicly in the press unless huge sums of money were paid to Jackson and her counsel, which demand was refused. Jackson’s suit should be dismissed, for among other reasons, on equitable grounds on the basis of clean hands.”

However, the court rejected it. Deen’s attorneys then sought a gag order stating,

“a protective order is necessary because Ms. Jackson and her counsel have made abundantly clear that they intend to engage in a path of personal and financial destruction because Paula Deen would not pay their pretrial settlement demand…Through her cooking and television exposure, Mrs. Deen has arguably become the face of Southern cuisine and living….For a public figure such as Mrs. Deen, even if Ms. Jackson’s allegations are proven untrue, the harm resulting from the continuing mass dissemination of the allegations may never be undone.”

Judge Louisa Abbot denied the gag order request and said in her written ruling, “Having considered the parties’ arguments, the Court finds the litigants’ concerns about potentially adverse pretrial publicity and the potential effects of damage to their reputations do not outweigh any of the constitutional principles invoked by this motion, including freedom of press and speech.”

Billips lived up to his promise to smear Deen, authorizing the release of the written and video transcripts of the Paula Deen deposition to Darryl Wrobel, National ENQUIRER Senior Correspondent.

During her deposition, Deen was unable to corroborate many of the accusations, because she did not work at the restaurant and was unfamiliar with several of the individuals named. However, she addressed allegations about her which directly implied that she made racist remarks, including the use of the “N word.”

Lisa Jackson’s Deposition Testimony

food network, paula deen, bubba hiers, racist, n word, lisa jackson, uncle bubba's seafood and oyster house, savannah, georgia, national enquirer, law suit, sexual harassment, discrimination

Traditional Southern Plantation Wedding

During deposition on February 11, 2013, Jackson’s sworn testimony about Deen did not accuse her of using racial epithets, including the “N word.” She also stated that she had no problems with Deen throughout her employment.

Up until May 27th, 2010, you had no complaints or problems with Mrs. Deen, did you?


She had never indicated any discriminatory bias or prejudice, did she?

Yes. One remark she made at Bubba’s wedding planning.

Were you there –


– at the planning? Now, you tell me, when did that occur and where?

On her back porch.

Which house, Dogwood?

Dogwood. We were sitting on the back porch and we asked about the uniforms. And she made a remark about how she wanted them dressed.

Who was there?

It was Bubba, and me, and Paula.

Bubba, you, and who?


Okay. What did she say about how she wanted them dressed?

Like they used to dress in the Shirley Temple days with the long white shirts and the shorts. And I remember thinking when she said it that I thought about Dora. And I thought, I know she loves – I know you love Dora, and it was like how could – you know, how could she say something like that. Then a fan rode by on a boat, and she said, well, we know we can’t do that because the media would be on us.

And I just – at that moment thought – it was disappointing, but I still had respect for the position she had offered me and that I was doing there.

And, but was her comment was that she wanted a wedding back in the Shirley Temple days with blacks wearing what?

White shirts.

White shirts?

And black pants or black shorts.

And that’s the sum total of the conversation about that; is that correct?

Uh-huh, correct.

Jackson later amended her statement to add accusations that Deen used the “N word” in describing Hiers’ wedding day.

Paula Deen’s Deposition Testimony

food network, paula deen, bubba hiers, racist, n word, lisa jackson, uncle bubba's seafood and oyster house, savannah, georgia, national enquirer, law suit, sexual harassment, discrimination

Throughout Deen’s deposition, she denies these allegations.

Okay. So was Lisa [Jackson] ever present when you discussed with Brandon [Branch] what kind of wedding you’d like to have?

I don’t recall that. I recall – I do recall, once again, in my bathroom at the house, and why we would have been in the bathroom, I was probably filming and changing clothes, that’s the only reason why we would have been in that bathroom, they must have run out during my lunch break or something from filming, and I remember us talking about the meal.

And I remember telling them about a restaurant that my husband and I had recently visited. And I’m wanting to think it was in Tennessee or North Carolina or somewhere, and it was so impressive. The whole entire wait staff was middle-aged black men, and they had on beautiful white jackets with a black bow tie. I mean, it was really impressive.

And I remember saying I would love to have servers like that, I said, but I would be afraid that somebody would misinterpret.

The media might misinterpret it?

Yes, or whomever –


– is so shallow that they would read something to it.

Were they dressed in white shorts and bow ties?

No, they were dressed in white jackets.

White jackets?

Dinner jackets.

And a bow tie?

And a bow tie and black trousers, and they were incredible.

Okay. And you said something –

These were men that had made their living off of service and people in a restaurant. It was – I was so impressed.

Okay. And they were all black men?

Yes. Professional servers and waiters.

And when you described it to Miss Jackson, did you mention the race of – well, you had to have mentioned the race of the servers –

Of course I would because that’s what we just experienced.

Right. Do you know what word you used to identify their race?

I would have used just what I just told you.

Black or African-American?

Black. I would use the word black. I don’t usually use the word African-American.

Okay. So is there any reason that you could not have done something just like that but have different races?

That’s what made it so impressive. These were professional. I’m not talking about somebody that’s been a waiter for two weeks. I’m talking about these were professional middle-aged men, that probably made a very, very good living at this restaurant. They were trained. The – it – it was the whole picture, the setting of the restaurant, the servers, their professionalism.

Is there any reason you couldn’t have found middle-aged professional servers who were of different races?

Listen, it was not important enough to me to even fight to produce what that restaurant had. I was just simply expressing an experience that my husband and I had, and I was so impressed.

Did you describe it as a – that that would be a true southern wedding, words to that effect?

I don’t know.

Do you recall using the words, “really southern plantation wedding?”

Yes, I did say I would love for Bubba to experience a very southern style wedding, and we did that. We did that.

Okay. You would love for him to experience a southern style plantation wedding?


That’s what you said?

Well, something like that, yes. And –

Okay. And is that when you went on to describe the experience you had had at the restaurant in question?

Well, I don’t know. We were probably talking about the food or – we would have been talking about something to do with service at the wedding, and –

Is there any possibility, in your mind, that you slipped and used the word “n—-r?”

No, because that’s not what these men were. They were professional black men doing a fabulous job.

Why did that make it a – if you would have had servers like that, why would that have made it a really southern plantation wedding?

Well, it – to me, of course I’m old but I ain’t that old, I didn’t live back in those days but I’ve seen pictures, and the pictures that I’ve seen, that restaurant represented a certain era in America. And I was in the south when I went to this restaurant. It was located in the south.

Okay. What era in America are you referring to?

Well, I don’t know. After the Civil War, during the Civil War, Before the Civil War.

Right. Back in the era where there were middle-aged black men waiting on white people.

Well, it was not only black men, it was black women.

Sure. And before the Civil War – before the Civil War, those black men and women who were waiting on white people were slaves, right?

Yes, I would say that they were slaves. But I did not mean anything derogatory by saying I loved their look and their professionalism.

But you knew that if you did something like that, the media would pick up on it and have something to say?

No, I knew the media was not covering Bubba’s wedding. But just people around. It just wasn’t worth – it just wasn’t worth it.

The Rest of the Story

food network, paula deen, bubba hiers, racist, n word, lisa jackson, uncle bubba's seafood and oyster house, savannah, georgia, national enquirer, law suit, sexual harassment, discrimination

The media has made a point to quote several statements made by Deen in her deposition, claiming that she admitted that she uses the “N word” and frequently tells racially offensive jokes. However, throughout her testimony, she makes it clear that she does not approve of these activities.

Deen admits that she used the “N word” approximately 27 years ago.

Racial Jokes?

Okay. Miss Deen, have you told racial jokes?

No, not racial.

The “N Word”

Okay. Have you ever used the N word yourself?

Yes, of course.

Okay. In what context?

Well, it was probably when a black man burst into the bank that I was working at and put a gun to my head.

And what did you say?

Well, I don’t remember, but the gun was dancing all around my temple. I didn’t — I didn’t feel real favorable towards him.

Okay. Well, did you use the N word to him as he pointed a gun in your head at your face?

Absolutely not.

Well, then, when did you use it?

Probably in telling my husband.

How About Now?

Okay. Have you used it since then?

I’m sure I have, but it’s been a very long time.

Can you remember the context in which you have used the N word?


Has it occurred with sufficient frequency that you cannot recall all of the various context in which you’ve used it?

No, no.

That’s Just Not a Word That We Use

Well, then tell me the other context in which you’ve used the N word?

I don’t know, maybe in repeating something that was said to me. But that’s just not a word that we use as time has gone on. Things have changed since the ’60s in the south. And my children and my brother object to that word being used in any cruel or mean behavior. As well as I do.

Are you aware that your brother has admitted to using that word at work?

I don’t know about that.

All right.

Whites Only?

When you and Mr. Hiers started Uncle Bubba’s Seafood, was a decision made to hire only whites to work in the front of the restaurant?

No. Bubba and I, neither one of us, care what the color of your skin is or what is between your legs, it’s what’s in your heart and in your head that matters to us.

Don’t Use the N-Word

Miss Deen, earlier in your testimony you indicated that one of the things that you had tried to – that you and your husband tried to teach your children was not to use the N word in a mean way, do you recall that testimony?


Okay. And could you give me an example of how you have demonstrated for them a nice way to use the N word? Or a non-mean way?

We hear a lot of things in the kitchen. Things that they – that black people will say to each other. If we are relaying something that was said, a problem that we’re discussing, that’s not said in a mean way.

Back on the Topic of  Racial Jokes

What about jokes, if somebody is telling a joke that’s got –

It’s just what they are, they’re jokes.

Okay. Would you consider those to be using the N word in a mean way?

That — that’s — that’s — pardon? That’s — that’s kind of hard. Most – most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, black folks. Most jokes target – I don’t know. I didn’t make up the jokes, I don’t know. I can’t – I don’t know. They usually target, though, a group. Gays or straights, black, redneck, you know, I just don’t know – I just know what to say. I can’t, myself, determine what offends another person. I can feel out that person pretty good on what would offend them, but I’m not sure, Mr. Billips, what – what the question even means.

Well, if you were sitting around at home just with you and your family, would you feel any hesitation in telling a joke the you thought was funny if it had the N word in it?

I don’t tell jokes, not at my house. That’s –

Do the other members of your family tell jokes at home?


And they told jokes using the N word?

I’m sure they have. My husband is constantly telling me jokes.

Okay. And would you consider telling jokes, racial jokes, to be an example of using the N word in a way that’s not mean?

Not for me personally. It would not –

It wouldn’t be mean for you personally?

No, it wouldn’t – I wouldn’t tell it. I mean, that’s – that’s not my style of joke.


Okay. Your style of joke generally has some sexual component to it; is that fair?

Yeah, lots of times. I poke fun at myself and other women.

Racial Harassment

What about racial harassment?

We don’t tolerate that. I would think that that would be picking out a certain race and never cutting them any slack. I don’t know, verbally abusing them maybe, I’m not sure. I don’t know. We don’t – we don’t do that, I don’t know.

So what did Paula Deen apologize for in her very awkward YouTube video? She was scheduled for an interview with Matt Lauer, but cancelled. Instead, she created her own home-made video on the spot. It’s likely that in a state of panic after realizing the media latched on to her “admission,” that she felt she owed an apology.

Deen wrote the following message with the video:

After spending all day soul searching and trying to figure out how to deal with what I did, I recorded a video trying to do the right thing. In the end, I felt that I needed to just be myself, say I am sorry and beg for forgiveness.

What I said was wrong and hurtful. I know that and will do everything that I can do make it right. I am not about hate, and I will devote myself to showing my family, friends and fans how to live a life helping others, lifting us all up, and spreading love.


Is Paula Deen racist? Does Paula Deen Enterprises discriminate? Does Lisa Jackson deserve $1.25 million or is she extorting the funds as she’s claimed she’d do what she “had to do to survive?”

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  • terilg

    Wow you raised a number of points that have been completely overlooked by the news media. The whole story makes me uncomfortable as I think Paula’s been somewhat unfairly demonized, and your post only adds to that perception. Thanks.

    • StitchesnDishes

      Thanks Teri. I think she’s been unfairly pulled into whatever (if any) issues there are at Bubba’s restaurant. She’s never even there to begin with. She barely spends time in her own restaurants. It’s only because she’s funding his restaurant that she gets attached to it, and the media is having a heyday with it. Very sad.

  • atlhockeymom

    Thank you for this insightful article. Being a born and bred Southern woman who abhors racism in any form, I know and understand exactly where Mrs. Deen is coming from. The Food Network needs to put their big girl panties on and put a stop to lawyers who use political correctness and the media to extort people. Furthermore, I’ve had enough juicy ‘sound bites’ from commentators (who can’t even spell the word “integrity”) to last a lifetime already. This is very sad for a single mom who fought so hard to raise 2 sons, overcome a devastating mental illness, and build a business from absolutely nothing. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!

    • StitchesnDishes

      Well, we support our Southern friends, and Paula Deen, as well. You hit the nail on the head!

  • Mary Lou

    I think Lisa Jackson is just trying to get something for nothing. She does not deserve any compensation and I do not believe she was hurt. Paula has been damaged and deserves to be compensated for the damage done to her.

    • StitchesnDishes

      It sure seems like that to me, Mary Lou. I’ve worked for attorneys in the past, and I’ve seen some like hers. They jump all over cases like this, because they can extort a ton of money and get media exposure in the process.

      • Pinky5712

        I think this lawyer and his client are going to be the loser’s when the dust settles.Anybody that send’s a letter demanding 1.25 million dollars for hush money is not a lawyer I would want.I think the exposure this lawyer is getiing isn’t what he had in mind.

        • Maria Escorcio

          This woman and her lawyer may not win any money in this case, but they have already won by nature of the fact that Paula’s reputation and career have been ruined by their lies, perhaps irreparably. What bothers me is that FN execs apparently haven’t read these transcripts. I believe they were looking for an excuse to let her go and jumped on the first available one that presented itself. It’s their loss, and I’m sure they’ll realize that, but it’s going to be too late.

          • Lara

            Your right.. but there is laws against SLANDER and when the Deen’s get done winning this one, they will have Lisa’s letter planning on ruining her rep to bring a Slander and extortion lawsuit! ;) This woman is about to get exactly what she sewed!

          • Lisa Thomas Kriegar

            The problem is, she could never possibly collect from this corrupt person.

  • KyGal21

    Just goes to show that one cannot rely on the media to report everything correctly. They sensationalize everything and as we see here they often misquote people to. I do think the media and the Food Network have been very unfair to Paula Deen. I’m not saying she’s perfect…she’s a human being just like the rest of us and she makes mistakes to. I don’t think she should have been fired and I will not be watching the Food Network any longer. I have always liked Paula Deen and I will continue to support her.

  • Ro

    I personally do not care for Mrs. Dean, but! I will stand behind anyone unfairly accused of something like this. She has all the right to talk anyway she wishes in the privacy of her own home.
    Tell me why can the black people call me Honkey and Cracker but I, or Paula Dean cannot call them Nigger?
    It is the double standard that the black people have come to enjoy in this country.
    We gave them black entertainment TV, Miss. Black America, black schools, black colleges and many more Black only privileges. So the minute one of use says something perceived to be untoward we get slapped in the face.
    Personally, I was never a racist but the way they are taking advantage of us and our good nature I am getting tired and actually starting to resent them as a group.

    • StitchesnDishes

      I have to say I take issue with words in the English language being reserved for only specific groups of people. As far as I’m concerned, if we want to call it a bad word, it’s bad for everyone. No double standards.

    • Darnell

      Ro, first let me tell you I am of mixed race both Black (mother) and White (father) and you make some good points but at the same time your reply show a side that is a little racists yourself.

      To your point there are racist things like BET, Black Schools and the like which make no sense to me living in both worlds but these “Privileges” as you call them are not that at all. These things were created to swing back the pendulum of racism that White people started in the first place which did not come from your “Good Nature”. It came from fighting a campaign of equality for all races here in the US.

      The fact the people call each other ANY name at all is just plain stupid and more so when a race of people call themselves that as in Back folks calling each other Niggas.

      For you wanting to have the right to all Black a name just because they have called Whites one just shows that there is still some training to be done in the US.

      How about no one calling anyone any names?

      How about allowing Paula Dean apologize and move on in peace?

      How about resenting each person saying or doing negative things instead of resenting an entire group or color of people for what one person does?

      I find myself not liking Black or White folks for all this race and name calling stuff is just plain stupid and should be out grown by the human race by now.


      • StitchesnDishes

        Very well said, Darnell!

      • Christa Allen

        you are so right darnell and you know if people look the n word up it actually mean any race that is trash . so I don’t call anyone are right we should have equality.keep pass your messages you have a positive outlook.

  • Cathi Springer-Hinshaw

    I did not know the whole story, and thank you for sharing it. I love Paula Deen and everyone in their life has made an error. She is after all human. I think the word extorsion fits here very well. Good Luck Paula and God Bless You.

  • StitchesnDishes

    It does appear that only specific people are allowed to use this word for some reason. That, to me is laughable.

  • StitchesnDishes

    So many fans are right there with you!

  • StitchesnDishes

    Isn’t that the truth!

  • StitchesnDishes

    Keep supporting Paula! I’m sure she and her family appreciate it

  • StitchesnDishes

    I think that’s exactly what happened. Paula’s attorney is trying to compel the court to get Lisa Jackson’s text messages right now. She apparently went on some kind of recruiting mission to get other people at Bubba’s to join in the case.

  • vdanker

    I feel it is terribly unfortunate that now Deen is perceived as “the face of Southern cuisine and living”. The women in my family, which has been here for more than 275 years, would never behave the way this woman does. She is shameful and shameless.

    • StitchesnDishes

      She used the “N word” after being held up at gunpoint at a bank 27 years ago and can’t remember a time she’s used the word since. Are our standards suddenly so high that a person can’t move on from the past – ever?

      She could have easily – very easily – just said she’s never used the word at all.

      Does it make a difference that the person who accused her of using the word, didn’t actually accuse her at all to begin with? She only changed that later at the suggestion of her attorney… the same attorney who threatened to take the story to the tabloids unless Paula paid them $1.25 million.

      Not to mention that in the entire five years that Lisa Jackson worked at the restaurant, Paula was there only a few times. Something smells very fishy about Lisa Jackson’s story and it gets a lot worse!

    • Rebelle

      Not true….I’ve know hundreds of Southern Women who act the same way; have met them all over, working for the State of Georgia. We’d go in, all business, and they’d be tricked out almost like Scarlett O’Hara….all sweetness and charm. And they truly MEAN IT! During those years, I became an astute judge of character, and I’m the brisk, no nonsense type. Dealing with PEOPLE, one has to figure out where the CORE IS. Paula’s okay. Part of her mission is showmanship and she’s got it down pat.

  • Herbert Edmonds

    This interview reminds me of the cops trying to coerce an admission of guilt to a crime to which they are innocent of . The questions were very leading and suggestive . not a surprise tho especially since I noticed that one of the sources was the National Inquirer.

    • StitchesnDishes

      Slick ambulance chasing attorneys are good at that sort of thing, Herbert!

  • Haven Lee Angelus

    Leave Paula alone, she’s a sweet woman with a good heart, she shouldn’t be held accountable for the actions of others. No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes; I just don’t understand why this is such an issue.

  • Diane

    If you read Lisa Jackson’s deposition here: and watch this public video:

    Look at the way she treats this man. She may not even be conscious of her racism. but it’s there. And she owns the company that owns Uncle Bubbas, so she is legally responsible for the work environment there.. Lisa Jackson testifies that blacks were not allowed to use the same entrance as whites. They were not compensated financially at the same level as whites, and they were passed over for promotion in favor of less experienced whites. Bubba called ne black man, “boy”. She testified that Bubba physically attacked a black employee and told him that he “had no civil rights” because he worked for him. Bubba regularly made sexual comments to the females and his staff, drank on the job, came to work intoxicated, flew into rages, watched pornography in the workplace, distributed pornographic handouts during group managerial meetings with female staff, and stole from the company. Paula Deen knew all this. She even hired an outside firm to investigate and they confirmed it all. She just chose to turn a blind eye and let Bubba do what he wanted. She covered his theft by calling it a raise. That is why this case is coming to court. It’s not a simple case of Paula Deen using a racial slur or not. She is legally responsible for allowing illegal and abusive conditions in the work place.You are a reporter, and you should do your research, and report the facts.

    • StitchesnDishes

      That’s exactly what I did. I reported the facts. The documents are attached to the story.

      • xerxestrust

        I do encourage everyone to thoroughly read both Paula Deen and Lisa Jackson’s depositions in the lawsuit for themselves and draw their own conclusions after more information comes out. We do not have enough data to fully to lay judgement yet, and depositions have their own issues, but IMHO Ms. Deen in her evasive responses and lack of recall and seeming complete disinterest on content of meetings, conversations, etc she admits to have participated in related to very startling and graphic allegations does herself no favor.
        I also think it is disingenuous to use the letter Ms. Jackson wrote about Ms. Deen and her brother as a “fact” exonerating Ms Deen without providing the context that Ms. Jackson proffered that the letter was part of a pitch to Ms Deen to rework the restaurant into a different business that would had the ulterior goal of edging out Mr. Hier who is the purported major offender at the center of this case. It was after this pitch failed and after an intervening incident where Ms Jackson perceived a lack of response by Ms Deen did Ms Jackson leave.
        Ms. Deen deserves her day in court, but if her testimony is anything like her deposition and if there is any corroboration by others of even a part of the allegations made by Ms Jackson, then she is in deep trouble.

        • StitchesnDishes

          The letter that Jackson wrote is a piece of evidentiary fact in this case. It’s been submitted in the response to the complaint. I attached the letter in its entirety to the article, but didn’t include the full text in the article, because the business proposal isn’t relevant.

          The point of this article wasn’t to exonerate Deen or Heirs, though I feel that there is ample evidence suggesting that Jackson did attempt to extort money from Deen. The real point of this piece was to explore the actual documents which were subject to what I believe was a media smear campaign, carefully crafted by Jackson’s attorney. There have been additional reports about his behavior in social media. In my opinion, he should be reprimanded.

          Whether there was any discrimination or not at Bubba’s, there is no disputing that Deen would have had nothing to do with it. Based on Jackson’s own testimony, she exonerated Deen of racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

          Further, no one disputes that Deen was not present and does not have an actual role in the business, other than financial support. If there was any discrimination or harassment or any of the other complaints, it would have been my Hiers.

          That is not to say that if there were, Deen shouldn’t be accountable. She’s an executive officer of the company – of course she should.

          But, this article focuses on the claims that the media has made relative to her use of racial epithets. Jackson, herself testified that Deen did not use this language in her presence.

    • Gabe DeArmond

      If you read Lisa Jackson’s deposition all you get is Lisa Jackson’s story and we already know she’s trying to extort a million bucks out of Paula Deen. Paula owns 1/2 of that restaurant, and she hasn’t even set foot in it for years. Lisa Jackson said she had no problem with Paula but who’s being sued again? Oh wait, right, the celebrity. You need to do a little more fact checking yourself Diane.

  • Gabe DeArmond

    I can’t believe the lengths people will go to sometimes. Bubba gave Lisa Jackson a chance and helped her get off the streets. I guess what can you expect from a girl who comes off the streets doing what she needed to do (and everybody knows what that means) to make a living. Thanks for all the research you put into this story Chris it’s SUPERB!

    • StitchesnDishes

      Thank you Gabe! Sadly, sometimes it’s the most generous of people who are taken advantage of.

    • Colleen Taylor

      What exactly do you mean by…I guess what can you expect from a girl who comes off the streets doing what she needed to do (and everybody knows what that means) to make a living?

  • Linda Patterson

    The judge dropped the ball on this when she denied the gag order. What Paula’s lawyer said might happen, exactly happened. ( “a protective order is necessary because Ms. Jackson and her counsel
    have made abundantly clear that they intend to engage in a path of
    personal and financial destruction because Paula Deen would not pay
    their pretrial settlement demand…Through her cooking and television
    exposure, Mrs. Deen has arguably become the face of Southern cuisine and
    living….For a public figure such as Mrs. Deen, even if Ms. Jackson’s
    allegations are proven untrue, the harm resulting from the continuing
    mass dissemination of the allegations may never be undone.” ) And Jackson and her attorney probably got paid from The Enquirer too. I think Jackson misconstrued what Paula said and Paula is being penalized for telling the truth.

    • StitchesnDishes

      That’s exactly what I think, as well, Linda. I highly respect Paula for being candid and open – telling the truth. Though even if she did use the word in the past, it really would be irrelevant to this case anyway.

  • Sally

    I think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I enjoy Paula and have been a fan a long time. I would like to see her reinstated on the Food Network. Come on people and drop this nonsense. Jumping to judgement without knowing the facts.

  • Sonam Ben Willow

    I respect and care for this person as I’ve come to know her thru the Media…Paula Deen has not a mean bone in her body…I think this is a set up to get money and show comments in worst light or lie outright and out of context …when you are so famous people want money from you…and that seems to be mostly what happened. All of us can learn ways to speak differently or better it doesn’t mean rush and pull a show like the food network did

  • Anson Fulton

    Jackson’s allegations are farce. We have all at sometime in our life laughed at inappropriate jokes, discussed prejudices in private conversations, succumbed to racial stereotypes….but it doesn’t make us racist. There is a time and a place for everything. I grew up hearing the N word, but would never use it to hurt someone. Would I tell a joke using it….you betcha! Would I choose the proper setting, absolutely. Regardless, I love Paula Deen. I have seen her live, in action at several cooking conventions, and she is always a riot! Paula, if you read this….I made you a southern homemade (even the pie crust) cherry cobbler, to make you smile in all this bu11$h!t. I wish you could eat it with me! Love ya homie. From my kitchen to yours…best dishes.

    • StitchesnDishes

      You tease us Anson! Come on over to our Facebook page and share a piece of that pie! #TheProofIsInThePics :-D

  • Angela Borte

    Has any one bothered to look up the “N” word in the dictionary? Last time I checked there was no skin color listed in the definition! It said “A lazy or worthless person” No color of skin is listed which leads me to believe by definition, that word can be used to describe a person of ANY skin color not just blacks. Just saying.

    • StitchesnDishes

      Well, aren’t you just the scholarly one, Angela! LOL!! That’s an excellent point, and I agree 100%!

  • Laurie Johnson

    Extortion huh? Extortion is illegal so where is the countersuit?

    • StitchesnDishes

      They appealed to dismiss the case, based on the threats made by Jackson’s attorney, but so far the case is moving forward. They’re probably still appealing.

      • Laurie Johnson

        Yes I read that. But your piece says: “Deen refused to fork over a settlement, claiming it was extortion.” You don’t just claim something is extortion, you countersue. So either Paula Deen’s attorneys are worthless or there was no extortion.

        • StitchesnDishes

          No, that’s not true. There wasn’t anything to counter-sue at the time. Jackson left Bubba’s shortly after sending a letter to Paula, describing how happy she was. Two months later, Paula and Bubba received a letter from Jackson’s attorney, demanding $1.25 million, or he’d give the story to the media. Paula refused to give up the money, calling it extortion. That had nothing to do with the law suit. Jackson’s attorney filed the law suit after the demands. Paula’s attorney appealed to the court to throw out the case, but the court said that it was freedom of speech. The case was allowed to proceed. Jackson was deposed, and stated under oath that she didn’t have any problem with Paula Deen, and she never said that Paula used the “N word” at all. After her deposition, her attorney added statements in an amended complaint to include “the N word.” Immediately following Paula Deen’s deposition, Jackson’s attorney released the transcript and video to the National ENQUIRER. There’s no doubt that it’s definitely extortion. Why the court didn’t agree with that is a matter of debate right now, but the case moves forward.

  • MightyCasey

    I don’t think Deen is any more racist than other white women of her age and provenance. Although I think the Food Network rushed to judgement on this, I’m not sorry to see her off the air. She *never* suggests moderation in her butter/salt/sugar extravaganza, and attempted to hide her own Type 2 diabetes diagnosis two years ago, when there was a huge opportunity to have a positive effect on public health.

    Comparing her to a true goddess in the pantheon of classic cooking, Julia Child, tells me that Paula never met a serving she couldn’t/wouldn’t supersize, for herself or for her restaurant’s customers. Julia cooked with butter, with cream, with egg yolks, with bacon … but she never deep-fried a serving of mac’n'cheese. Excess is excess, sooner or later you gotta pay.

    Full disclosure: if FN takes Paula back, it makes no difference whatsoever to me, since I never have nor ever will watch her show. But I think FN jumped the gun by pulling the plug, on what looks like very slim-to-none evidence.

    • StitchesnDishes

      Thanks Casey… I agree with most of what you’re saying, though since her diabetes announcement, Paula has actually suggested moderation, and she’s written a cookbook which addresses lighter meals. She’s been featured several times in magazines and in other media about her weight loss and getting control of her diabetes. I can’t say she’s become the diabetes poster child, but she’s improved tremendously.

  • MayFong

    Funny I hear that word all the time…. When I am around black people. People need to quit making mountains out of molehills.

    • Laurie Johnson

      It’s called reappropriation – “The cultural process by which a group reclaims terms or artifacts that were previously used in a way disparaging of that group.” Black people can say it, you can’t. Just accept it.

      • StitchesnDishes

        No. that’s not true. You can’t make the rules about a language. Sorry. A group can do whatever it wants. It can reclaim anything it wants, however it takes an entire society to agree with that in order for it to be valid. And, all of society doesn’t agree with this “re-appropriation.”

  • Linda

    Again we see the Media run with a story before checking it out and making sure it was corrrect before reporting it
    !! Again we see a reputation ruined because a headline was more important than the truth!! And hopefully we will again see the damaged reputation restored! The Media owes Paula Deen an apology and Food Network owes her much more! They should have NEVER acted upon something without knowing the facts first! SHAME on you Food Network!!!

  • shle896

    Show me a 70-year old man or woman who hasn’t ever uttered the “N” word in some sort of circumstance or context and I’ll show you a LIAR.

  • Brian T Shirley

    I posted on my blog about this, it may upset some, but it’s truth!

  • Daisiemae

    So what has Paula Deen actually done? She admitted to using an ugly word in private discussion with her husband 30 years ago in the midst of a stressful situation where her life was threatened. For that Food Network is firing her? Really? Who suffered discrimination in that incident? What law did Paula violate? How did she violate any contract with Food Network? How does that private incident 30 years ago reflect on Paula’s job performance with Food Network?

    As for using the N word thirty years ago, every white person in this country–both north and south–of Paula’s age was using the N word, at least on occasion. Any 68 year old white person in this country who says they have never in their lives used the N word is a LIAR. Will Food Network now be firing all white sixty-something employees because it “does not tolerate racial discrimination?”

    Many people up into the 80′s used that word for vile, demeaning, and hurtful purposes. Many people used the word without a full realization of exactly how evil it was simply because it was common usage. They used it without question and without thinking. What human being alive can honestly say they have never unthinkingly caused harm to another person?

    As times changed and civil rights advanced, decent people like Paula Deen began to realize how ugly and harmful that word is, and they began to eradicate it from their vocabulary. Realizing that certain behavior is ugly and hurtful and then changing that behavior is a mark of integrity and moral character…Integrity that Paula Deen has displayed throughout the last 30 years as she has provided employment, charitable assistance, and friendship to countless people without regard to race, religion, or sexual identity.

    So thirty years after correcting a wrong and making up for it in a spectacular fashion, Paula is vilified and fired? Will Food Network now be firing all of its employees who ever said something they shouldn’t have said thirty years ago? How will Food Network insure that none of its employees has ever said the N word in their entire lives?

    In its statement, Food Network said that it does not tolerate racial discrimination. Well, neither does Paula Deen, so why is Food Network firing her?

    Food network does not tolerate racial discrimination? What does Food Network tolerate? Well, let’s see. Food Network tolerates extortion. Food Network tolerates lies. Food Network tolerates the targeting of its employees for harassment and defamation. Food Network tolerates wrongful dismissal. Food Network tolerates milking a person to make millions of dollars and then abandoning that person at the first sign of any difficulty.

    In a comparison between Paula Deen and the Food Network, the Food Network falls short. Paula had the moral fiber to realize that common behavior she grew up with was morally unacceptable and she changed that behavior. When questioned about it 30 years later, she told the truth at great cost to herself and her family. She refused to cave in to extortion. She gave a sincere apology to anybody that she hurt with her past actions. When wrongfully fired by Food Network, she actually thanked Food Network. What a class act! By comparison, Food Network has shown itself to have no class and no moral fiber.

    Food Network does not tolerate racial discrimination? Neither do I. And I do not tolerate hypocrisy, injustice, and morally indefensible behavior either.

    Goodbye Food Network until Paula Deen is reinstated!

  • Kari Lindsay

    The reason that Paula has been a successful TV personality is because she is genuine and warm. She treats all her guests with the same warmth no matter their race or social status. If she were faking it the people would have been able to sniff it out (Give the people a little credit)(Martha Stewart is not known for her warmth, but for her style and knowledge).
    If Paula had said that she never used the “N” word, it would have been known to be a lie, as she grew up in the south in a time when using that word was the norm. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t hurtful or that it was right. The past can’t be changed, but “once you know better, you do better”…and that’s all any of us can do.

  • Rebelle

    I was not a great fan of Paula Deen’s until now but I’ve know hundreds of Southern women just like her; friendly, sweet, too sweet; and trusting. Doesn’t understand how two- faced people can be. Wouldn’t believe it!

    One of the first instructions to a child growing up near Savannah was, “Watch for Snakes,” when going outside. Snakes were facts there. And in Savannah, as I learned to my everlasting regret, the two legged kind are worst than the Rattlers.
    Knowing Savannah intimately, I can tell what happened. These days, hundreds of would be restauranters have come from all over, hoping to use the city’s ambiance to make a killing. Good Luck. Restaurants come and go faster than skirt fashions. Yet Paula succeeded where others scrape by or fail. And Boy, are they jealous! Late night in the bars they’re bitching and telling tales, many of which have been fractured and embellished in the repeating. Still, one or several of these guys got hold of Lisa Jackson and possibly by plying her with…something……got her to flip. That’s LOW and Scummy but not unusual in Savannah. I’m reminded of the Anita Bryant case because Homosexuals were also involved in her downfall. (Story is online.) Today, Homos are in the background and so excited they’re wetting their drawers. Paula’s making the same mistake Anita did….Trying to explain. STOP!!! She’s digging a hole. Paula needs to choose a few cuss words then shut up and refuse to budge. Everyone knows what’s going on.
    Paula’s lawyers need to find out WHERE Jackson is working and WHO she hangs out with. Maybe a lesbian with friends. They better find the REAL CAUSE of this mess.

  • Rebelle

    What happened to my comment? Is someone prejudiced against me?

    • StitchesnDishes

      Not at all! Comments are set for moderation is all. :-)

  • Katrina Johnson

    I think Ms. Jackson is just trying to get something for nothing! She sees Paula as a rich Lady, and wants to get paid by not going to court. Paula stand up for your rights! We Americans will stand by you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GG

      I agree, and sadly Jackson doesn’t realize Deen worked very hard to get to where she is today, she started small and worked her way up. Jackson could have learned so much more from Paula had she not been so greedy.

  • Yvette

    Every day we get more and more ridiculous in this country, if everyone was fired for admitting something they did in the past, no one would be working.

    How hypocritical, maybe Networks should stop taking money from advertisers who
    have poor race relations today much less in the past. This action is as stupid
    as some of the comments from people surrounding this.

    Paula says, “Inappropriate, hurtful language it totally, totally
    unacceptable,” while this is true, it’s the inappropriate, hurtful actions
    most should be concerned with today. A big Thumbs down to the food network for
    making this rash decision.

    It’s never okay to use hurtful language, but I know from experience that
    most people do it and not only in the past, but even today looking at some of the posts. Until
    this country is willing to be honest and learn the whole truth, nothing can
    change. People can’t change what they don’t recognize and that’s a shame.

    Paula is just like everyone else, trying to make a living in this world and if she’s honest enough to admit the truth about her past, why should she be fired?

    I am sick to death of the hate filled rants of people regarding one
    issue or another around race and “who is worse”, just proving
    that prejudice is very difficult to move past for too many. No one is perfect
    and I think a mistake has been made in letting her go because of something she
    said in the past. If we judge on what someone has said in the past, most of the
    top corporate leaders would be gone for sure.

    If we got rid of everyone that has made hurtful comments or has hate for
    any other group of people, only a very few people would be left at all.

    Racism is alive and well as it has always been and exactly how is firing
    Paula supposed to help that? We need to have a serious dialogue in this
    country, not try to crucify 1 person for something that I dare say 99% of
    people have done, do, or are doing still. As a black woman living in
    Mississippi, I applaud Paula for her honesty. It’s the lying hypocrites
    that smile in your face and swear to God “they’d never say something like
    that”, we need to beware of.

    You certainly don’t have to say it to believe or worse still, act on it; that’s what minorities still face today.
    This smells (beyond a plot by some malcontent), like an attempt to do exactly
    what it is doing, divide people more.

  • Barbara Thayer

    I am grateful for this post. It really lets us see what was said and what was not said. I believe Paula Deen has been treated unfairly by the public media and Food Network. I am disappointed that people who live in glass houses and have done some of the same things have taken time to throw stones at her. I believe in the words of Jesus Christ, “You who are without sin cast the first stone.” My guess is that the entire crowd would walk away as they did for Jesus.

  • Maria Nne

    Do you people honestly think a network like the food network is just gonna up and make a quick and thoughtless decision about one of their most biggest cash cows? I think not, there is I’m sure information that we are not privey too that was considerable in their decisions. Paula meant big bucks for them, so apparently they had to make this giant decision or it would have adverse affects on the network, this network didn’t just do it to just fart in the wind, I am sure this was thoroughly discussed and thought out. As far as Ms. Jackson goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire, other employees have made statements willingly, also an independant auditing company hired by Paula that did not turn out in her favor, I think there is more than meets the eye here and instead of everybody assuming Ms Deen is an innocent angle without human faults, they ought reserve their judgement and wait and see. one little lawyer or ex employee did not cause all this I’m sure, there is something bigger here brewing. After reading the lawsuit and deposition, Paula’s brother clearly needs to be managed and she herself acts and testfies like she has no clue to whats going on and she clearly contradicts herself on several repeated questions, she is trying to make herself look dumb and that is not the case, you can bet her and her sons have a handle of everything that is going on in their multi-million dollar business. In my opinion, she has pissed somebody off, I mean somebody with clout, same thing happened with Martha Stewart, she was the apple of everybodys eye untill she pissed off a couple of big boys.

    • StitchesnDishes

      Hi Maria, thanks for commenting. I’ve also read all of the documents, but I haven’t seen the contradictions you’re speaking of. All of the statements I read were consistent.

      As far as the consultant is concerned, Paula did not hire MackWorks herself, and stated that she wasn’t involved in their work at Bubba’s.

      Paula owns a financial interest in Bubba’s, but hasn’t worked at the restaurant since the sixth week after opening.

      Lisa Jackson stated in her sworn testimony that she didn’t have a problem with Paula, and she didn’t hear her make any racial remarks. Those statements were added to the complaint by her attorney in an amendment later.So, when Jackson’s attorney deposed Paula, he asked several questions related to racial discrimination. Again, the statements I read were consistent, and she repeatedly states that she does not use that language.

      Of course, we’re still left to question why Jackson wrote a letter, praising Paula and Bubba, and thanking Bubba for what he did for her… thanking them for the opportunities they gave to her, just two months before leaving without notice.

      We still haven’t seen any answers from Jackson’s attorney about his threats before he filed the lawsuit, where he told Paula that he’d go to the tabloids with these claims unless she paid up. Or of course, the fact that he did actually release the deposition to the tabloids. We’re also left wondering about his character after he has repeatedly tweeted about having fun suing Paula, and that he was going to figuratively “disrobe and have sex with her publicly.” I think Jackson’s attorney has made it painfully obvious that he’s intended to smear Paula publicly from the beginning. He’s living up to everything he stated in his extortion demand letter.

      As far as Food Network is concerned, it’s standard protocol for them to distance themselves from negative press like this. There wouldn’t be a lot of thought involved. It’s more of a first response. Other hosts on Food Network have been removed then later reinstated when their names were cleared.

      Look at Robert Irvine – he blatantly lied about everything in his past. He completely fabricated who he is. When it came out, Food Network fired him. He was out for one season. His fans pressured Food Network and they decided that it was in the best interest of the show to reinstate him.

      • xerxestrust

        I find your statement above – “Of course, we’re still left to question why Jackson wrote a letter, praising Paula and Bubba, and thanking Bubba for what he did for her… thanking them for the opportunities they gave to her, just two months before leaving without notice” – very odd when over 20 pages of Ms. Jackson’s deposition PP 168-191 gave a very coherent reason for the letter she wrote. According to her, it was at the direction of her immediate supervisor Karl Schumacher, crafted mostly by her live-in partner, as part of a idea pitch to Ms. Deen to revamp the restaurant Ms. Jackson was managing into a different business model hosting and catering private and charitable events. Again according to Ms. Jackson, she loved many aspects of her job, and they did provide her with the opportunity to grow and develop there – yet the presence of Ms. Deen’s brother and co-owner Mr. Hiers was an anathema to her and others based on the serious allegations and patterns of behavior alleged. Part of the pitch was a strategy to create a business model that removed Mr. Hiers from daily operations without appearing to do so. Ms Jackson would have her cake – a job she loved – an eat it too – the man who caused most grief in her worklife out of the way or at least where he may do less harm.

        When that pitch ultimately went nowhere, and when an intervening incident after the letter was sent was not handled in the way Ms. Jackson thought it should be by Ms Deen, that is when she says she decided to leave. Even though she does not come out and explicitly say it, Ms Jackson was essentially buttering up Ms. Deen (pun intended) to increase the chances her idea would be favorably received.
        You may choose not to believe Ms. Jackson and her allegations but you have selectively omitting out her proffered explanation to further your own arguments.

        • StitchesnDishes

          I couldn’t disagree more, but again, this article doesn’t intend to discredit any of Jackson’s claims. It looks at what the media has said about Paula Deen’s use of “the N word.” It’s clear by Jackson’s own testimony that she did not. Case closed.

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  • StitchesnDishes

    I pretty much spelled it out and laid it all out for you, Laurie. If you still don’t understand it, read the documents and sort through them. It’s crystal clear. Sorry I can’t get it across to you in a way that you can understand.

  • StitchesnDishes

    That’s exactly what it is, Charlene. I think it’ll become very clear in court. The problem with that is much damage will have been done by then.

  • StitchesnDishes

    What part exactly are you questioning, Laurie? You seem to be very hung up on the extortion claim, but I’m confused. Why? It’s a moot point. The judge agreed to move the case forward. However, there can be no dispute about it. Jackson’s attorney wrote a letter, demanding payment or he’d ruin Paula’s brand. There’s no argument about that.

  • StitchesnDishes

    I disagree. Seems like reality to me.

  • StitchesnDishes

    Hmmm now it looks like someone’s here with a chip on her shoulder.

  • StitchesnDishes

    Thank you! Sad sad world!

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  • Linda Daigle Jones-Williams

    Paula Deen should be suing Lisa Jackson for defamation of character. Always someone out there trying to make a buck on someone else. If I was Ms Deen I wouldn’t go back to the food network. Find another one that is more worthy of her.

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  • David Phelps

    my opinion is that Lisa Jackson is money hungry and was running out of money. She knew Paula Deen had plenty and made up some cock eyed story to discredit Paula to get money. People do it all the time to celebs. It is a sad world that people have to stoop so low

  • Veronica Roser McCullough

    Hey Walmart ! Dont mess with me and my Paula Deen triple chocolate layer cakes or I will sue for chocolate deprivation!!!!

  • Spencer

    No what Ms Jackson has done is to find an ambulance chasing lawyer that has told her she would get tons of cash knowing he ( the lawyer ) will take the most of it. Shame on ms Jackson. Shame Shame Shame Karma is an evil bitch and she will get hers…..

  • Christine Miller


    • StitchesnDishes

      It’s pretty surprising how fast they’re run and hide at the first sign of problems. It would have been nice if they just stood by and waited until Paula sorted it all out.

  • Alisa Hamilton

    I say support Paula by pre-ordering her cookbook due out in October. Go to amazon and do it now. I just did and I feel like I can make a difference. You can too!!!

    • StitchesnDishes

      That’s awesome Alisa! We just announced today that we’ve removed all of the products from our online store here, and replaced them with a Paula Deen Store. All proceeds will be donated to The Bag Lady Foundation! We’re going to match the first $500 in proceeds on top of that.

  • StitchesnDishes

    I’ll delete any post that I feel is overly argumentative, and I’ll ban any person who repeatedly does that. I made my points in my article, and you made yours. I have a right to my opinion, and in my opinion, it is extortion when someone sends a demand letter for $1.25 million to guarantee silence. You can call that whatever you want, but I really don’t need your reply here. I’ve reported facts, and I’ve given my opinions – those are two things we’re entitled to do. The media certainly isn’t reporting facts about the depositions.

    Take care!

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  • Elyse Zois

    Why would Paula Deen want to work for The Food Network after this? I wouldn’t go back to a former employer who treated me like dirt.

  • Marmalade

    So, the judge didn’t feel it was necessary to have a gag order? A hot topic like racism, a popular southern cook from the food network? What kind of judge was that? Paula, her family and her fans have been damaged!! Not to mention the reputation of Food Network and other sponsors that are now being boycotted. Lisa Jackson has followed through with her extortion attempt and created a huge mess. People ripping each other apart to argue about this without all the information, just the ‘snippets’ the media/media figures have decided to twist just for their ratings? So where does this go now? IMO Paula is going to have to fire back at everyone with one of the largest lawsuits in history to prevent this type of idiocy ever happening again.

  • elliegrll

    It’s perfectly okay to tell racist jokes, and to entertain yourself and your friends by holding parties where the waiters dress up as slaves. She should also hold a party that celebrates the Holocaust, where she hires Jewish waiters, and dresses them up like those who were in the Nazi extermination camps. It’s the same thing,

    That was sarcasm, but she still has the right to hold either party, and other people have the right to voice their disgust. That is what freedom of speech is. It’s not the freedom to say whatever you want without other people not being able to respond.

    • Michael Burch

      this whole thing is being taken way out of context…which is exactually what the liberal press want..that way we are not talking about the real important things…such as bengahzi,fast and furious,IRS targeting conservatives,Snowden and the NSA…You know things that effect all of us as well as our independent liberty,and privacy…This is smoke and mirrors and misdirection employed by the most fraudulent magicians…and Obama is not even a good magician,,,,just a good used car salesman

  • Wendy Schraml

    Lisa Jackson leaves her job praising Paula and Bubba, then shows up demanding money or else…. Paula didn’t give in and now Lisa Jackson is getting exactly what she set out to do. I pray Paula turns around and sues the c**** out of this money hungry piece of *****

  • Sharon Simmons

    No apology needed…seems to me they tried everyway possible to get her to make something out of nothing. How many times did the woman say…NO I DON”T TALK THAT WAY!
    Dear Lord…this is crazy!!!

  • Sharon Simmons

    I agree…well said!

  • Sharon Simmons


  • Meow Mix

    What exactly did the media get wrong? No one said the woman “said” paula used the N word. You just quoted the same deposition everyone else has. If anything you should title it “PEOPLE got it wrong”. The Media just reported Paulas statements from the deposition. And most linked directly to the deposition itself, which was like 167 pages or so.

    • StitchesnDishes

      If you can show me where Paula said she wanted to “get some n—ers and have them dress up for a plantation wedding like in the Shirley Temple days” I’ll buy you lunch. The media claims that they’ve quoted a deposition, but most reports were full of misquotes or paraphrased – even the ones that included links. The media was wrong and the public is a victim of bad reporting… just like we were during the Boston bombings, Sandy Hook and how many others before that? In this case, this story was STARTED by a tabloid, and everyone ran with the numbers.

      • Meow Mix

        If you can show me “credible” news outlets that reported that “get some N—ers, and dress up for a plantation wedding like the Shirley Temple days” I’d love to read it. Since it wasn’t even IN the original Enquirer story. Because this is the VERY first I have heard of that. However, the things I’ve seen that people HAVE had issue with were in the deposition. The Infact that she wanted to have a plantation wedding in the first place after seeing black servers at a dinner. She felt that that’s what it reminded her of, and then went on to admit she “wanted” to do it for Bubba, but decided against it. The other issue people had was when on a talk show she referred to her employee as “blacker then that board”. All facts. So I’m just wondering “what” did the credible media outlets get wrong?

        • StitchesnDishes

          You obviously didn’t read the article, or the previous articles I wrote about this topic (they’re all linked here). If you had, you wouldn’t be wondering anything right now, except… why are you asking such a silly question? Again, my point proven… another person with an opinion who hasn’t read the facts. Try again!

          • Meow Mix

            And again… your “facts” hold little water. I read the article… youre making a huge stretch based on what some rags were saying…. no CREDIBLE news source said what you said… not even the trashy original story from the Enquirer….

          • StitchesnDishes

            ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC – again, I think you’re not reading.

          • StitchesnDishes

            Ooops, I forgot… add FOX to the list.

          • Meow Mix

            Which I find hard to believe since those organizations all linked the direct deposition before a single Paula Employer dropped her.

          • StitchesnDishes

            Which is why you should read the articles, then clink on the links, and try to find the quotes.

          • Meow Mix

            AND… to answer your question…. NO those groups won’t give her a jobs back, because her own words were more damaging then this random ladies accusations…

          • StitchesnDishes

            Interesting. None of the sponsors or partners who severed ties said it was her words that did her in.

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  • Angela Borte

    I never said I am a fan of the “N” word. Just because I live in Georgia and support Paula Deen w/o hesitation, doesn’t mean I’m a fan of the “N” word! God forbid I do say the word, I might offend someone. Wouldn’t want that!

  • Angela Borte

    Did you look in a real book or on your smart phone? In 1987 the “N” word had a completely different definition than it does now. I wonder why?!

  • Denise Peace

    This has NOTHING to do with “freedom of speech”. These are BUSINESS decisions. With all of the kerfuffle (deserved, in my opinion), companies do not want to be associated with the controversy. Woman had an image to promote—and she failed to do so. See her commenting about the fella being, “black as a board”? She was teetering on an edge, and tumbled down. Maybe the fact that she promotes unhealthy cooking while shilling for a diabetes drug company has as much to do with her fading star as this scandal? I agree about one thing: Let’s move on, already. I am fairly sure this person is not evil (but then again, we aren’t acquainted), but her time is up. She made her millions, and she will be FINE. Even a bit of bigotry is not tolerated this day and age. Wise up—or lose your position as the spokesperson for those interested in image and making money.

    • StitchesnDishes

      You’re right Denise, this isn’t about freedom of speech; it’s about truth and integrity in reporting. Unfortunately, media has once again turned a blind eye to the facts, and are only reporting a fabricated controversy in the name of ratings.

      This has nothing to do with Paula sitting in front of a group on a stage and telling Hollis to come out – “nobody can see you in front of that black board.” I have a Mexican friend who thinks that white babys are the cutest things, because they look like shrimp, and she always says, “white people give birth to shrimp.” I know many very dark skinned black people whom I’m comfortable with, and can openly talk about skin color. I don’t see how it’s racist to say to someone, “you’re so dark, I can’t see you.” It’s an observation about color and nothing more. These overly sensitive PC debates are just silly.

      This has nothing to do with Paula Deen’s decision to not disclose her personal health information. She made a business decision, as well. She chose not to disclose her health information, until she felt comfortable doing that. And when she did feel OK about it, she wanted to not only disclose it, but she also wanted to help people with diabetes. As the spokesperson for Novo Nordisk, she was raising awareness for people who love comfort food. She immediately began working on her latest cookbook, which focuses on favorite Southern comfort foods all lightened up, and she talks about her own diabetes and her decision to go public about it.

      Personally, I can relate to cautiously approaching a decision to publicly share health information. I only recently announced that I have diabetes, as well. I’ve been a food critic and food writer for quite some time, and I felt that disclosing that I have diabetes might take away from the presentation of my work.

      Just because we have diabetes, doesn’t mean that we can’t share great comfort food recipes, or never again talk about high carb or sugary foods. As Paula always says, “I’m your cook, not your doctor. You’ve got to know your own numbers.”

      That said, I do believe that if a person’s got a platform in the media, and feels comfortable sharing his/her own personal story, that message could potentially reach thousands or millions of people and change lives.

      Bottom line is this article has nothing to do with racial discrimination or racism, and everything to do with propaganda in the media and a smear campaign established by a white individual who’s suing her white previous employer for racial discrimination. And, that white individual actually never stated that Paula Deen ever said anything racist at all. If you read the article, you would have probably noticed it had nothing to do with your comments at all. Give it a read, and read through the linked documents. They’re the same documents that the media “quotes” in their reports, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that’s been reported in them.

  • StitchesnDishes

    You’re missing the point. They severed ties with her, because of the public’s perception of what they think she said.

    You mention the person who raised the allegations. Her racial discrimination complaint has no merit – she’s white, her employers are white. She wasn’t discriminated against. She’s not suing on behalf of anyone – she’s suing for personal damages.

    • Meow Mix

      You’re incorrect. They have no merit in COURT for herself to bring the charges since it was not discrimination “she” faced. However they allegations still have merit, as if true they are STILL wrong. Just because the wrong party brought them to light doesn’t make them less atrocious.

      And no…. as I said… Paula’s OWN deposition did her harm then anything else. Had she not given the responses she gave, she could have played it off as an angry vengeful ex employee’s baseless claims. But he OWN words, in the deposition AND prior to that with the black man “darker then that board” is what did her in with the eyes of the public. Everything else is just allegations. The stuff “I” see people focusing on is the stuff she said in the deposition.

      Paula is clumsy when it comes to words, and expressing herself. She made an apology tape and replaced it with a new less awkward version like 3 TIMES!!!!

      Had her ONLY incident been the gun robbery 30 years ago, this stuff would not be happening to her.

      Even if the woman has no basis for personal damages to bring legal action on racism against Paula, it wont ERASE what Paula has admitted to in her own deposition….. you quote the comments about southern plantation wedding like it’s not a big deal… to a LOT of people is IS a big deal, and very inappropriate.

      So why are you only focusing on the allegations, the things yet to be “proven” to make your case for Paula, while ignoring what she DID say? What makes you think none of the corporations were able to read the very same deposition and come to the same conclusion?…

      • StitchesnDishes

        You missed my point again. You insist that a case has merit simply because a court agrees to hear it, but you’re incorrect.

  • StitchesnDishes

    Took her so long? I guess she was too busy thanking Paula and Bubba for all of the opportunities they gave to her to think about that. Maybe she was too busy dealing the entire staff of the restaurant leaving, because they didn’t want to work with her. Or… she could have been too busy dealing with the customer complaints about her repeatedly.

    You’re absolutely right, though. This doesn’t have anything to do with something she said 30 years ago. It has everything to do with inaccurate reporting in the media.

    Are you actually suggesting that just because a law suit makes it to court that it has merit? Just because the court says they’ll hear a case… you think that means the allegations must be true?

    Wow. You’ve rendered me speechless.

    For the record, a complaint in court is only that – a complaint. This particular complaint by a white woman claims that her white boss racially discriminated against HER by promoting whites over blacks. Now, how much sense does that make? I guess that’s the reason the court is considering throwing that charge out – it doesn’t make sense to them either.

    If you took the time to read the complaint, I wonder why you didn’t take time to read the depositions. After all, it’s Paula Deen’s deposition that started this media circus. Nobody’s quoting Lisa Jackson’s deposition, probably because she never accused Paula Deen of discrimination during her sworn testimony. You might want to check that out, considering it weighs heavily on the “merit” of her case.

    Oh, and of course there’s her later statement where she said that she “may have misrepresented the facts.”

    • R S

      I DID take the time to read the depositions. Only on ONE page of 149 did the complainant say she “might” have misrepresented the facts, and only after repeated badgering of the same question asked 20 different ways was she worn down to say that. As far as staff leaving, perhaps it was because of the working conditions Bubba maintained as a drunken, racist, horndog. I have worked in a situation exactly like that and WON the lawsuit. I speak from experience after reading her complaint.

      • StitchesnDishes

        I’ve heard that there was a complete turnover in staff after she was hired, because the staff refused to work with her. They had been there a number of years before she got there.

  • R S

    The last time I heard an uproar is a month or so ago when rapper Rick Ross made reference to a date rape drug being used in a song he was about to release. His commercial endorsements WERE withdrawn and he pulled the song without releasing it. Reebok was one of the major endorsers. P.S. I am white!

    • Lisa Thomas Kriegar

      And still, it was not about racial slurs, was it?

  • StitchesnDishes

    The FACT that I have heard something, is indeed a fact. Stating that I heard something, is therefore a fact. Thanks for the comment!

  • deena

    Paula Deen is as old as my mother and any woman coming from that era comes from ignorance about social standards today. Food Network did not realize that they were hiring and promoting a woman that grew up in the South in the middle of segregation? Paula Deen is from the heart of the south, She was pomoting old southern cooking with a real stick of butter; how they did not know this is ridiculous!!! They knew who she was and who they were hiring, where she was from and how old she is. It sounds like they took her and used her until she quit making their bottom line. I will continue to buy Paula Deen products but she needs her own show and her own website.

  • Amanda McDonald

    Thank you thank you for posting this!! I started two petitions for Paula to be brought back. One for Wal-Mart and the other for Sears Holdings who own both K-mart and Sears. please take a moment to sign both and share share share!!

  • jurassicpork

    I guess you didn’t read the actual 33 page complaint, which I just did, which does NOT quote or misquote the media, or else you blithely ignored the rampant racism, misogynism and anti-Semitism of the trogs who work for Deen because you’re obviously a fucking redneck racist yourself. I hope you choke on your butter, you cracker moron.

    • StitchesnDishes

      I guess you didn’t read my article, if you think I didn’t read the complaint… and since you got it backwards. The complaint didn’t quote the media. That was the other way around. Do your homework, then try again.

  • Bardeaux

    I think FoodNetwork acted niggardly for firing Paula Deen.

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  • Cathy Howard

    hell no jackson don’t deserve one penny…Jackson was pissed of with someone and brought up all the lies,she should be put in jail for her liein..Paula has been through hell cause of that woman..BUT its ok cause Paula is going to come back strong…Love ya Paula!!!

  • Debra Graves-Null

    Paula had nothing to apologize for and I do not appreciate the way she was being badgered by the person asking the questions. As to Ms. Jackson and her attorney…extortion is illegal..and the judge who said no to the gag order ought to be removed from the bench.The judge was so busy trying to protect freedom speech and freedom of the press that the judge walked all over Paula’s rights. It seems to me that there has been a fair amount of Slander aimed at Paula. According to the dictionary slander is defined as:

    The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.
    or , making false and damaging statements about someone.

    By definition this appears to apply to Paula, and the judge let it happen. I wonder…could Paula have a case of her own?

  • Kristy

    Did anyone ever question this Lisa character’s mental stability? “At 15, homeless, without parents and with a young child, my life was headed in a direction no one could ever assume positive. As you know, I did what I had to do to survive, but it clearly was not the freedom or happiness I ever hoped for” To me, this statement makes me wonder if she really has a firm grip of right or wrong herself. I have seen people easily swayed by the Almighty dollar, and I’m just wondering if someone put this idea into her head ( maybe her partner) to make a fast buck themselves. Love Paula and her family and hope God sees her through this and makes her an even stronger person in the end!

  • Lorie Singer Moellman

    I agree. The sad part is, if Paula files suit, who is gonna pay up? Not Jackson, she doesn’t have a pot to piss in apparently. Maybe the judge should be sued? Since Paula is who she is, there should have been a gag order put into place until everything was investigated and both sides got to tell their story. It’s a shame things like this even make it to trial. Maybe if the legal system were held accoutable for bogus cases, we’d have alot less of them. Just like the McDonalds hot coffee suit. The same person would be bitching if the coffee were cold. The courts and lawers have made it way too easy in this country to sue someone because their feelings were hurt. Instead of someone gaining financially for themselves, maybe the settlement should go to a good reliable charity. I bet we’d see alot less of these ridiculous claims. Wake up people, it’s time for a reality check. By the way, if everyone who has ever said any kind of slur were brought up on charges, we’d all be in a heap of shit. We are not a perfect, we are not God, we are only human.

    • Lisa Thomas Kriegar

      I can assure you, if you would simply look into the facts of the case, that the McDonalds’ coffee suit has absolutely no relevance to this situation-and, in fact, if it did, McDonalds’ would be Ms. Jackson, and the injured elderly lady would be Paula Deen.

      I’m sorry to have to call you out on this, and it isn’t personally directed toward you, but you, as have many others, have fallen victim to corporate propaganda and slander regarding this lawsuit, and it is wholly unfair to the injured elderly lady who suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns from coffee that was kept at a temperature far exceeding industry standards, and for which McDonalds had been reprimanded several times prior.

  • Phyllis Jean Haws-Garard

    If there were any of these all at Bubba not Paula in the first place since she never worked there This just has never made any sense to me and how do you file racial discrimination against someone the same color as you. Either I am stupid or just confused but love Paula and hope to see her again on TV and Jackson to get whats really coming to her for all the hell and lost money she has cost Paula. Yes we all wish we could have the money that people like Paula earn but we all make our choices in this world and Paula went from the Bag Lady to support herself and her family in hard times and made an empire out of it for someone so petty to cost her so much financially and personally. Jackson and Paula should have to go on TV and Jackson to formally apologize to Paula in person in front of all the cameras. Paula just needs to start her own media company to help her sell her products and a cooking show, so many others have why not her too. GO PAULA sue the white off of Jackson and get back your empire Love you

  • StitchesnDishes

    Did you read the depositions of the other employees? Both Lady and Sons and Uncle Bubba’s require all employees to enter from the back. They all use the same bathrooms in the back. Employees are discouraged from using the customer restrooms. Look at Lady and Sons website – you’ll see the history of “employee of the month” where more than half of them are black, and work in the front – as servers. The hostess at Uncle Bubba’s, who greets customers is also black. Employees who work there have stated that the claims are outright lies. All of these details are in the depositions.

  • cpgname

    really? just watch HBO’s special Kat live, and just try to count how many times he says the n word about his own people, sue him!!!

  • Sandy Marcus

    Lisa Jackson was trying to extort money from Paula, even the Judge saw it, and dropped the case. Congrats to Paula, she is one Strong Women!! As for the Foodnetwork, you people should be ashamed of yourselves!!! what happened to innocent till proven GUILTY??? I am sure all of you are not lily white and have said and done things that shouldn’t have been said or done, but thats long past time and who cares, Paula used the n word years ago, whats the big deal everyone I knew when I was a kid used it and nobody thought a thing about it. Grow up Foodnetwork, you OWE Paula a deap Appology for everything you put her thru.