Eat St., produced by Paperney Entertainment for Food Network will be among the hopefuls to take home the Canadian Screen Award in two categories this year. The show has been nominated for Best Lifestyle Program or Series and Best Direction in a Lifestyle/Practical Information Program or Series. I began working with Eat St. as a Media Correspondent in November 2011 during taping of Season 2, and it’s been an adventure ever since. I’m very proud to work with a TV show that’s been nominated for such a prestigious award, and honored to work with this team of professionals.

jamescunninghamWe would like to congratulate the team at Paperny Entertainment on their nominations, and wish them the best of luck in March in taking home the Canadian Screen Awards. Eat St. airs on Wednesdays at 10 and 10:30pm ET/PT on Food Network Canada, and Tuesdays at 8pm ET on Cooking Channel US.

Other great Paperny shows on the air now include World’s Weirdest Restaurants, airing on Food Network, Consumed, airing on HGTV,Dussault Inc., airing on Bio Canada,Love Shines, airing on HBO, andGlutton for Punishment, airing on Food Network, Halogen, and Travel Channel.

The company’s 90-minute documentary, Love Shines (2011- TMN and Movie Central) also received three nominations for Best Performing Arts Program or Series or Arts Documentary Program or Series, Best Direction in a Performing Arts Program or Series and Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Program or Series.

Paperney’s 2011 series,Dust Up (History Channel) also received one nomination for Best Original Music for a Non-Fiction Program or Series.

“Wow, six nominations for three very different shows that highlight our company’s versatility and our passions,” said Paperny Entertainment President David Paperny. ”A classic documentary feature - Love Shines -that takes us back to our roots. A really fun docu soap series - Dust Up - set in a unique Canadian landscape. And then, of course, our huge hit series, our food porn extravaganza, Eat St. I am so very proud of our shows and the immensely creative teams that make them.”

The winners of this year’s inaugural awards will be announced at the awards ceremony taking place Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at the Toronto Convention Centre. A two-hour live broadcast hosted by Martin Short from the Sony Centre in Toronto will air on Sunday, March 3, 2013 at 8:00pm on CBC.

martin-short-canadian-screen-awardsPresented by The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, the Canadian Screen Awards recognize excellence in film, television and digital media productions. The awards – and their accompanying galas–combine the previously separate Gemini and Genie Awards.

The Gemini Awards were awards given by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television to recognize the achievements of Canada’s television industry,with awards in 87 categories, along with other special awards such as lifetime achievement awards.

Genie Awards were given out to recognize the best of Canadian cinema by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Genie Award candidates were selected from submissions made by the owners of Canadian films or their representatives, based on the criteria laid out in the Genie Rules and Regulations booklet which is distributed to Academy members and industry members.

In April 2012, the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television announced that the Gemini Awards and the Genie Awards would be discontinued and replaced by the new award presentation known as the Canadian Screen Awards dedicated to all forms of Canadian media, including television, film, and digital media.

Below is the listing of contenders in the two categories in which Eat St. is nominated.

Best Lifestyle Program or Series

Eat St.
Food Network Canada (Shaw Media)
(Paperny Entertainment Inc.)
Cal Shumiatcher, Trevor Hodgson, Audrey Mehler, David Paperny, Peter Waal

Chuck’s Day Off
Food Network Canada (Shaw Media)
(Whalley-Abbey Media Inc.)
Debbie Travis, Scott Bailey, Hans Rosenstein, Anne-Marie Withenshaw

Hell on Hooves
Rad-X (High Fidelity HDTV)
(Juxtapose Productions Inc.)
Dennis Hrapchak, Douglas Hudema

Income Property
HGTV (Shaw Media)
(Skit Inc.)
Kit Redmond, Jenna Keane, Scott McGillivray, Karen Walters

Pitchin’ In
Food Network Canada (Shaw Media)
(Frantic Films)
Jamie Brown, Daniel Gelfant

Best Direction in a Lifestyle/Practical Information Program or Series

Eat St. – The Italian Job
Food Network Canada (Shaw Media)
Peter Waal

Game Changers – SMARTSIGHT
Discovery Channel (Bell Media)
Jameel Bharmal

From Spain with Love: with Annie Sibonney – Seafood To Die For
Food Network Canada (Shaw Media)
Dale Burshtein, Henry Less

Buy Herself – Bali
HGTV (Shaw Media)
Karen Yarosky

Paperny Entertainment has been producing compelling non-fiction television for almost 20 years, and continues to fiercely push the envelope with groundbreaking ideas and approaches. Many its programs, like Eat St. now include new media components to enhance viewership and audience participation.

Since 1994, when The Broadcast Tapes of Dr. Peter was nominated for an Academy Award®, Paperny Entertainment’s commitment to producing quality programming has allowed the company to develop and grow into the multi-faceted, prolific operation it is today.

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