Stitch is wiggling his bee-hind in excitement… Stitches ‘n Dishes has been nominated as your favorite mobile food blog by Mobile Cuisine, a blog/ezine that covers the mobile food industry. From New York to Miami and Toronto to Dallas, Mobile Cuisine is on a quest to find North America’s favorite local food blog. there are bloggers that cover the gamut of mobile food businesses. This poll has been set up to find out which local mobile food blog is the favorite in North America.

I love food-trucks

Andrew, Stitch and I are extremely proud that we’ve been included in Mobile Cuisine’s list of top 18 mobile food blogs in the country, but we need your help!

In a poll running until Friday, November 9th, 11:59 PM Central Time, fans are casting their votes for their favorite mobile food blog on the Mobile Cuisine site.

Voting is simple – there is no registrations, no logging in of any kind, and your privacy remains your own. We just want to ask you to point your mouse at Stitches ‘n Dishes – Bay Area, CA and cast your vote today!

Every North American deserves to have their voices heard, and they deserve to know about the talented street food chefs, and incredible foods prepared curbside all around the continent. Stitch is on a mission. He wants to bring you the best of the best. No skimping here.

That’s why Stitches ‘n Dishes has already proudly sponsored half a dozen mobile food festivals and events in the passed year alone, donating thousands of dollars to charity and helping to raise funds and awareness of some very worthy causes. We would be very proud to have your VOTE!

We give back to the community – last year, we donated over 200 toys to Toys for Tots, food to local food banks, and gave away $10,000 in cash and prizes. We helped a local retiree realize her dream of organizing a major food festival to raise money for a high school agricultural department in Penn Valley. We’ve sponsored events in Sacramento, the Alameda County Fairground, and the Monterey County Fairground, and awarded the first annual Best Food Truck award and the first annual Top Street Chef Award, and the list goes on.

One click is all it takes to make Stitches ‘n Dishes your favorite mobile food blog, and Stitch has a campaign promise -

If elected, we will continue to push forward; we won’t yield – we won’t slow down. We’ll get bigger, stronger, and sponsor more events. We’ll support charities and sponsor events, raising awareness of this incredible industry. We’ll continue exploring street foods, and introducing you to the amazing chefs we meet along the way. And finally, as we move forward into restaurant coverage, we’ll bring delicious, gourmet food from the curb and the table to your desktop or mobile device.

Use the QR code above to easily vote with your mobile device!

A vote for Stitches ‘n Dishes is a vote for YOU – If we win, you win. Show the world that the San Francisco Bay Area truly is the culinary capital of the world by voting for Stitches ‘n Dishes – Bay Area, CA right now! Follow the link below – don’t delay!


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