The Ventura County Star reports that the Oxnard Planning Commission approved new rules for food trucks vending on private property in the city. The rules are now up for City Council vote. After a heated public hearing, including concerned residents, food truck operators and restaurant owners, the commissioners drafted final proposals to be considered by Council.

The City of Oxnard is seeking to establish rules around food trucks that operate on private property. No regulations currently exist for private property vending, however the food trucks must still be permitted and inspected by the health department.

The Planning Commission voted unanimously to issue annual permits to food trucks operating on private property. Several restaurant owners have objected to the new proposed regulations, stating that the presence of food trucks undercuts their businesses. ”There are too many of them,” Lizette Cuevas said. “It really is undercutting our business.”

However, the new rules come with restrictions. Food trucks will be allowed to operate up to six hours a day, six days a week, between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. and until midnight on Friday and Saturday. The trucks would have to be at least 500 feet from homes, restaurants and other food trucks and at least 900 feet from schools, day care centers and public parks. The permits require the signatures of the property owners where the trucks sit.

The regulations will also require nearby bathroom access for customers and workers, but police and code compliance staff did not comment about enforcement.

The council is on summer recess until Sept. 11.

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    Thanks Michelle. I agree that they should all be heard on their concerns, and so should the residents of the communities where any businesses propose operations. The problem I have is when their concerns are strictly based on “new competition.” No city should stop businesses from forming, because they create competition for other businesses.