One week ago, Nick Nicora at Ovations Food Services partnered with Ricardo Hussong, the owner of Cantina Hussong’s in Ensenada, Mexico, and Jose Cuervo to break a world record. It’s not the first for Nicora, and something tells me it won’t be his last. Break out the salt and lime, because Ovations Food Services is hosting the world’s largest cocktail party, and everyone is invited.

We followed Nick and his crew of more than 20 volunteers through a day in the life in the making of the World’s Largest Cocktail, a 10,500 gallon Calarita Margarita, and we’re bringing the back story to you today. The history of the World’s Largest Margarita is filled with mystery and intrigue, love and war, and all the thrills of a blockbuster film on opening night. Just watch the video, and check out the fact-filled infographic, and you’ll see what I mean.

Nick Nicora, co-owner of Ovations Food Services and operator of about half a dozen Cantina Hussong’s food stands across California thinks outside the box in a very big way to attract new customers to his food stands. This food stand operator used a 10,500 gallon Margarita to seal a big deal.

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  • Reza

    What a great site and lovely article ,thanks for sharing !!

    • chris

      Thanks Reza! It was an awesome experience!

  • Vince

    Cool seeing me mentioned in a story. A fun story at that! Thank you!

    • chris

      Thanks Vince! It was a fun story to follow, then write! We had a blast with Nick and his team. Thanks for being part of it :)

  • MrBill

    … I can hear the Champs’ 1958 hit song playing in the background …

    “!!! TEQUILA !!!”

    • chris

      Ha! Love it… All the Buffett fans keep hearing Margaritaville! LOL!!

      • MrBill

        I am a major ParrotHead … but this feat begs for a simple and succinct chorus (after drinking this you’d be dang lucky to shout even One Tequlia before hitting the floor … much less sing the chorus to Jimmy’s song!!!)

        • chris

          LOL! Yeah but you know that every Parrothead would give it that good old college try!

  • Richard Townsend

    A great way to spend a weekend… wonder who did’t make it to work on Monday? :-)

    • chris

      LOL good point… as many as were served that evening, I’d venture to guess that more than a few called in sick on Monday. :D

  • barry

    How many people were need to drink all that?

    • chris

      134,000 16oz servings in that giant margarita shaker, and believe it or not, Nick tells us it’s already half empty! We told him that on behalf of all of California, we’d like to order another. LOL

  • Dennis

    It’s probably good that I wasn’t there, I may have tried to go swimming :)

    • chris

      Funny you mention that… we were going to send an underwater camera down into the tank, but we were a little nervous about it getting pulled all the way down by the giant blender blades inside. They’re the size of a small airplane propeller!

  • Charles Pixley

    Gosh, what a great weekend party, “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” and 134,000 servings.

    How many limes and how much salt? Had to be a great time. While I no longer consume alcohol, was my favorite of all drinks for the summer.

    You have a invented a great job for your career!
    All the best, cp

    • chris

      Hahaha! Thanks Charles! It was a great time. Unfortunately, I missed the clothes falling off!

  • Marcos

    haha pure craziness!!

    • chris

      LOL Thanks for stopping by Marcos!

  • Liz Hall

    What a fun article! Thank you!

    • chris

      Thanks Liz!

  • EJWilliamsJr

    Chris……..What a great story……and I got drunk just watching it made………..!! I say…..Let’s all drink……..Now…!!!

    • chris

      Hahaha! Love it… I actually felt a little drunk when I was up on top, inhaling tequila fumes! Maybe it was just my imagination combined with the Sacramento heat… this SoCal beach boy is a fish out of water in that dry, Sacramento heat – believe me, that first Margarita I had really hit the spot!

  • Laura Sykes (@layanglicana)

    The thing is, I like my margaritas very cold – temperature must have been a real problem in this unseasonably hot weather?

    • chris

      Surprisingly, no… The tank is equipped with chillers, so it’s pumped cold, but on top of that, the margarita goes through another set of chillers before it’s dispensed from the taps. It’s served ICE cold and amazingly tasty :-)

  • Sandor Benko

    Great idea! Looks like fun. I bet half of it is gone already ;)

    • chris

      I have a feeling it’s getting closer to 3/4 gone by now! Seems like Margarita Madness in Sacramento =-D

  • Dennis

    I wonder what it’s worth, to break a Guiness World Record?

  • Jum’atil Fajar

    It’s great to get that calarita in the center of the city

    • chris

      Sacramento seems like a good home for it, and I know Nick has a fondness for Cal Expo. I’m sure they’ll miss good ol’ Calarita when she goes back home to Sonoma County!

  • J.R. Wirshing

    What an astounding record-breaker. Sure do wish that I could have been there to share the experience.

    • chris

      Isn’t that crazy! I saw a challenge on one of the Jimmy Buffett sites to come up with a 12,000 gallon margarita. I wonder what kind of tank that will be! LOL

  • Julie

    Fun article! Now you’ve got me wishing I was sipping on a margarita :-) Thanks!

    • chris

      Hehehe! Well Nick is happy to share his recipe, though you’ll need a really large shaker for it!

  • Greg Harvey

    I love margaritas, but maybe just not this much. Still it must have been a lot of fun getting rid of the creation!

    • chris

      Who’s in charge of washing the dishes? A 10,500 gallon shaker might take a little while!

  • Greg Harvey

    It must have been fun getting rid of the creation:)

    • chris

      Nick tells us they’re having a blast, Greg… LOL almost 3/4 sold already.

  • MrBill

    … can you make that a double ???

    • chris

      LOL I drank two, Bill! That was soooo refreshing.

  • Nick

    Congrats, nick!

    • chris

      I know Nick’s reading this, and appreciates it! Thanks!

  • Trevor Cherewka

    Some people say that there’s a woman to blame but i know it my own dang fault!

    • chris

      Sooooo true! And in Jimmy’s case, her name’s Lucky Rita and her luck just ran out! LOL!!

  • sea lily

    Now, That is huge!!

  • Harold Gardner

    I thought about showing up, but I was worried about what the rest of you would have gone for your drinks…

    • chris

      You’d need a really big straw for that one, Harold!