ABC7 News, San Francisco reports that recent studies in Germany suggest that testosterone replacement in middle aged to older men suffering from obesity and depression can help them lose weight and return to normal lives. In fact, testosterone is prescribed more often for quality-of-life issues today. Preventative medicine specialist, Dr. Karron Power treated her husband with testosterone replacement after his mood changed and he gained a substantial amount of weight. “Typically, symptoms of low testosterone would be fatigue, low mood, depression, poor sleep, aches and pains,” Power says.Power and her husband, Oliver have been singing the praises of testosterone replacement therapy, but not all doctors and researchers yet agree. Testosterone replacement is known to provide many health benefits, but some doctors are concerned about possible long-term side effects, especially for patients who use the drug for extended periods of time or even decades.

San Francisco urologist, Dr. Paul Turek also treats patients with testosterone replacement therapy, but suggests that medical practitioners carefully consider each patient’s medical history and the possible repercussions before starting therapy. ”The rigorous data that you need to really establish a field of good hard data is not in yet,” he says.

Research suggests that testosterone aids in building muscle and stamina, and patients using the therapy tend to agree. Power’s husband began exercising more frequently, and lost over 25 pounds while taking the testosterone replacement. Today, doctors prescribe testosterone for weight loss, stamina, relieve body aches and depression. Prescriptions for testosterone have more than doubled in the last five years.

Researchers are optimistic that testosterone will yield additional benefits in the treatment of cancer and heart disease, and several companies have already released new testosterone-based drugs. ”Testosterone, I have to say, is kind of an elixir. If taken in the right way, it improves quality of life. It has a lot of effects on a lot of the body. It’s like putting premium fuel in the body,” Turek says. And, doctors expect prescriptions for testosterone for general health optimization reasons will continue to rise rapidly in other fields of medicine, as well.

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