In an analysis of small- and medium-sized businesses that built mobile-friendly websites, DudaMobilefound that some industries have caught on to the mobile web faster than others. The data findings reveal the earliest adopters of mobile websites, showing that the restaurant and food industry nabs the top spot on The Mobile Movement Leaderboard, taking a 28% share of small and medium size businesses with a mobile site. With nearly 2 million mobile sites built on its platform, DudaMobile ( is on a mission to make all websites mobile-friendly. The do-it-yourself mobile website solution converts a user’s existing site into a version that is compatible with mobile phones. Founded in 2009, DudaMobile’s site builder is geared toward small- and medium-sized businesses that need a fast, simple and affordable way to create a mobile website.

By: Jennifer Gaines, DudaMobile


As smartphones become more mainstream, businesses are adopting mobile websites as a way to provide a better mobile experience to their customers. The Mobile Movement Leaderboard represents the earliest adopters amongst small and medium size businesses, showing the top five industries to go mobile.

The small and medium size businesses listed in the Mobile Movement Leaderboard have something in common: high call volumes. DudaMobile data shows that nearly 20% of visits to a mobile-optimized website result in an immediate call to the business. Dennis Mink, DudaMobile’s chief marketing officer, points out that a mobile presence helps connect businesses with customers who are searching for information on theirmobile phones.

“When we look at who is building mobile websites, it makes perfect sense that we are seeing businesses that rely on phone calls to connect with customers,” Mink said. “These businesses need their phone to ring and want to make it as easy as possible for customers to reach them while they’re on-the-go.”


  • Looking deeper into the professional services category, legal and financial services account for nearly one-quarter of mobile sites built.
  • Salons and spas make up 45% of mobile-friendly websites built in the Health & Wellness category.
  • Accommodations such as boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts account for 53% of mobile sites built in Travel & Tourism. 

Restaurants Among Earliest Adopters of Mobile-Friendly Websites

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