Last Summer, we visited Off the Grid: McCoppin Hub, and had lunch at ArkiTruck and Eat Curbside, and an appetizer and dessert at 3SUM Eats which were amazing. Owned and operated by celebrity chef, Ryan Scott, 3SUM Eats is a comfort-New American gourmet bistro food truck with a sense of whimsy – very San Francisco.

Chef Ryan, who competed in Bravo’s Top Chef during Season 4, launched the rolling bistro in 2010, and his career has skyrocketed. In addition to his 3SUM Eats food truck, Chef Ryan is also the spokesperson for Bon Appetit’s kitchen collection, he hosts a food radio show, teaches cooking classes, owns and operates a brick and mortar restaurant called, Market & Rye (soon opening a second), and he runs a catering business, Ryan Scott 2 Go. He’s also appeared in Healthy Choice Top Chef commercials on television.

When Food Network’s Eat St. show producers asked us to join them for a week-long filming expedition in San Francisco, and that 3SUM Eats would be one of their stops, we jumped at the opportunity to dine again in the culinary capital of the world, but this time sample more than an appetizer from this local legend.

We ventured off to Off the Grid:5M (5th St. and Minna, San Francisco), where we found 3SUM Eats, along with five or so other food trucks. This is a very busy area with a ton of foot traffic; there is no doubt that at least 1500 people stopped by for lunch. In typical Off the Grid style, ample seating was provided at the back end of the street market. We shot some photos for Eat St. then made our way through the crowd to order.

Lunch at 3SUM Eats

Cornflake Crusted Fried Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Reuben Meatball Sandwich, S'more Twinkies from Cheff Ryan Scott's 3SUM Eats

In a word, the service at 3SUM Eats is outstanding. A maitre’d, standing next to an A-frame menu board, interacts with guests, making suggestions and taking orders outside the truck – a touch of class that truly separates a gourmet food truck from a lunch truck. When our order was ready, the maitre’d collected it from the pick-up window, and handed it to us. The truck was well-stocked, organized and the staff kept up with a busy lunch service. It all seemed to work like a well-oiled machine.

cornflake crusted fried chicken sandwich from 3sum eats

We started with Chef Ryan's Cornflake Crusted Fried Chicken Sandwich from 3SUM Eats, made with Old Bay Aioli, Carrot Cabbage Slaw and Pickles.

To make this quintessentially American sandwich, Chef Ryan starts with the best chicken cutlet, and covers it with a crisp cornflake crust that adds a bit of sweetness at the base.

Old Bay SeasoningThe cornflake crusted chicken is cooked to order, so it remains crispy when served. It was cooked perfectly – golden brown, crispy, fresh, tender and juicy on the inside. The slight sweetness of the crust really balances this sandwich out superbly. It’s smothered in a slightly sweet, light carrot and cabbage slaw, then dressed with tart dill pickles.

Old Bay Seasoning is a blend of 18 herbs and spices made by McMcormick, and as the company’s slogan says, it’s great on everything. Mix Old Bay Seasoning with an egg yolk, cider vinegar, garlic, and olive oil, spread it on a freshly baked, giant, soft brioche, and you’ve got the zesty force behind Chef Ryan’s Cornflake Crusted Fried Chicken Sandwich.

In the end, this sandwich is bite after bite a zesty, tangy, yet sweet delight. Sweet and tartness combine in a perfect, addictive melody that produces an amazing flavor explosion. It’s a bit pricy at $9 for the sandwich alone, but it does make up for it in portion size.

Chicken Reuben Meatball Sandwich on Salted Rye Roll from 3SUM Eats, made with 1000 Island, Swiss Cheese, and Caraway/Poppyseed Dressed Red Cabbage.

Chicken Reuben Meatball Sandwich on Salted Rye Roll from 3SUM Eats, made with 1000 Island, Swiss Cheese, and Caraway/Poppyseed Dressed Red Cabbage.

This is probably a new favorite for Andrew. Ryan starts this incredible sandwich off with coarsely ground seasoned chicken formed into golfball-size balls, then drapes them with a subtle melted Swiss cheese, and tops it with a Caraway/Poppyseed red cabbage slaw.

The subtleness of all of the ingredients of this hearty sandwich works very well together, and is perfectly juxtaposed with the sweet 1000 island dressing, and cabbage slaw. Served on a toasted salted rye roll that gives the sandwich a grainy texture, but with a tang and sharpness that sets it apart from an ordinary wheat. In fact, the salted bread is made from a pretzel recipe. This playful sandwich is far from ordinary and priced just right for its size at $8.

During our San Francisco tour last year, we sampled Ryan’s homemade Twinkies. This time, we kicked it up a notch with his S’more Twinkies, made with chocolate cake, filled with marshmallow cream, then topped with graham crackers for $3.50. This was an absolutely perfect finish and testament to Chef Ryan’s unique style, though not quite what we expected. One of the most definitive characteristics of a s’more is its texture. Chocolate cake, alone just doesn’t seem an effective alternative to a chocolate bar. I think if chocolate chunks were added into the cake, this Twinkie would truly be remeniscent of a s’more. Regardless, we still thought they were yummy.

Service: 5.0
Menu Selection: 4.5
Quality: 5.0
Creativity: 5.0
Price: 4
Overall Impression: 4.7 Plates!

Find Chef Ryan Scott online:

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