By now, Facebook has begun automatic migration to the new Facebook Timeline layout for pages, and you may have just discovered you’re not in Kansas any longer. If you logged on to Facebook before your morning coffee, and Facebook implemented the new Timeline before you could, you may very well be a bit frustrated, somewhat confused, and perhaps even a little afraid. Or, you’re downright steamed, and

"Where did the left tab menu go?" It's gone. End of story. Tabs are now called "views," and they are located just underneath your top banner. Only four are displayed, but at least they're big, customizable buttons, now.

you’re biting into your laptop as you read this. Many people have put this day off. Some even felt that there really wouldn’t be a difference, or that it would be simple to just let it happen on its own. After all, sometimes it’s best just to let things take their natural course, right?

Think again.

I wrote an article about the best practices for food trucks and food stands using Facebook’s new Timeline layout for pages. I went into detail, explaining where everything was moved to – you may be asking, “where did my menu go? Where did the left tab menu run off to? What happened to my landing page? What happened to my weekly specials? Why is there a large, blank banner on top of my page? Why are everyone’s posts showing up on my page now?” And believe me, the list goes on… and on.

Did you find your Facebook page looking a little bewildered this morning? If not, brace yourself. Facebook's new Timeline layout for pages is coming for you, today, and this is what your page could look like, if you don't configure it properly.

First things first – get yourself that cup of coffee. Then, read my best practices article to get yourself prepared for the transition. Take a look at some mobile food business savvy Facebook Timeline for pages layouts below. Clicking on the images will take you to the Facebook pages.

If you need some inspiration, check out The Chairman on Facebook. They've made some great use of the new tab view on their Facebook Timeline.

Bacon Bacon is effectively using Facebook's new Timeline for pages.

Koja Kitchen not only brings its weekly schedule, front and center, its Facebook Timeline layout include its Twitter feed.

Komodo uses its cover photo to boast exceptional, high-quality photography and its honorable pedigree.

You’ll want to read my article, explaining how to implement the new features, so they work for your business, but here’s a checklist of the most critical things to think about with your new Facebook Timeline Page layout:

  1. Create a main page image and cover image that work with each other to convey your brand
  2. Configure your page to allow fans to post, and check for messages regularly
  3. Feature your most important page tabs / implement and feature Menu Tab for Restaurants
  4. Pin your weekly specials or any special announcements
  5. Highlight updates, such as new photos, new menu items, etc.
  6. Add milestones to your timeline

Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to maximizing fan engagement, and converting them into customers.

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