With less than a year serving their street-prepared crepes in the Civic Center District of San Francisco, CA, food consultant and catering father-daughter team at The Crepe Escape by Tia offers a variety of sweet and savory crepes every Sunday and Wednesday at a quaint sidewalk pop-up bistro, reminiscent of the sidewalks in Paris.

We stumbled upon The Crepe Escape by Tia while walking passed the Civic Center UN Building, and couldn’t resist stopping here for lunch. Crepes make for fantastic meals, snacks and desserts and are highly versatile.

The Crepe Escape by Tia offers five sweet, and five savory crepes (including a couple of vegan and vegetarian options), as well as three specials for $5.00-$10.00.

A crepe is a very thin pancake, made by spreading wheat or buckwheat flour batter evenly and thinly over a pan or flat crepe maker that resembles a hot plate. The word, crepe is French, meaning “curled.” Sweet crepes are typically made with wheat flour pancakes, and savory crepes are usually found made with buckwheat flour galettes.

Perfectly even, firm, yet fluffy, the crepe pancakes and galettes at The Crepe Escape by Tia are made to order with a steady hand and a lot of love, using fresh, locally sourced meat, poultry, fruits and produce. With just a hint of buttery flavor, these crepes are absolutely perfect for filling, topping and wrapping just about anything. They prove this by offering traditional ham and cheese crepes, as well as Italian, Mexican, and even Greek interpretations.

Chili Verde Crepe, made with pork, simmered in green chili sauce. This savory crepe from the Special Menu at The Crepe Escape by Tia produces a flavorful punch on the first bite. The pork is slow simmered, and literally melts in your mouth as a flavorful green chili sauce excites the taste buds. This is a hearty rendition of the traditional Mexican Chili Verde presented in an authentic buckwheat galette and topped with more Chili Verde – a perfect lunch at a stand in Brittany or on a bustling San Francisco sidewalk.

The Chicken Salad Crepe from the Special Menu at The Crepe Escape by Tia is made with fresh walnuts, celery and apple on arugula leaves with a spicy peanut dressing, giving this California favorite a Mediterranean flare with a dash of Asian appeal. Presented in a cut buckwheat galette wrap, a tender chicken salad mingles well with the rich, peppery taste, and exceptionally strong flavor of the leafy arugula, and is the perfect contrast to the crunchy texture as it melts and blends with the other flavors.

The Chicken Salad Crepe in a full or half order is a guiltless, hearty, heart-conscious meal, packed with protein and vitamins that delivers just as much in taste as it does health benefits. We were pleased to see that The Crepe Escape by Tia also offers their Chicken Salad Crepe in half-orders, as well.

We couldn’t leave The Crepe Escape by Tia without a taste of something from the Sweet Menu, so we opted for a traditional Strawberry, Banana & Nutella crepe on a wheat flour pancake. Served cold, about half a cup each of fresh, sliced bananas and strawberries, drizzled with Nutella, then sprinkled with powdered sugar top this satisfying crepe, along with hand-whipped cream on the side. Perfect as a breakfast or a dessert for two, this crepe was a grand finale to a sunny sidewalk lunch.

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Service: 5
Menu Selection: 4
Quality:  4.5
Creativity: 4
Price: 4
Overall Impression: 4.3 Plates!


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