Nearly 10 percent of the adult U.S. population largely follows a vegetarian-inclined diet, and 7.3 million are vegetarian, according to Vegetarian Times Magazine. That’s a lot of veggie consumption! Since we launched in August, 2011, I felt there was one thing missing, and it wasn’t something I could easily get up to speed on – vegetarian and vegan diets. Sure, I could easily consult the master of all search engines, yielding a very long list of “vegan / vegetarian food trucks or food stands,” but that really wouldn’t be enough. Then Rodney

Nyee Moses . 2009 ALMA Awards post reception at The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel & Spa. Los Angeles, California - 17.09.09

was out on assignment recently, reviewing some Los Angeles food trucks, when he came across The Seabirds Truck. A true “meat and potatoes” man, Rodney would be the last person you’d expect to have lunch at a veggie truck. The end result was more than “good” – it was great. Chef Stephanie at The Seabirds Truck quickly changed Rodney’s thinking about vegetarian and vegan options – he won’t let go of meat, of course, but the thought of vegan doesn’t turn his stomach any longer!

A few days before we ran Rodney’s review, we actually received several requests to cover veggie options, and I knew I could put it off no longer. It was obvious that Stitches ‘n Dishes readers would like to see some of those colorful and delicious veggies highlighted along with their meat-based contenders.

Enter Billboard Top Ten recording artist, Nyee Moses, a 15 year vet in the world of vegetarianism and a powerful force in health advocacy and conscious living. Her debut CD, “Between Us” hit the airwaves in 2008, soaring to the Top Ten on the Billboard Charts and stayed there for 28 solid weeks, before making it to Billboard’s “30 Best Songs of 2008.” I first met Nyee while working on a project in Los Angeles. I couldn’t help but notice her from across the room, filled with performers, actors, authors, photographers, directors and producers – she just stands out!

Nyee Moses

When Nyee Moses “Between Us” hit the airwaves in 2008, staying on the Billboard chart for 28 weeks, breaking Billboard top 10 and finally making it to “30 best songs of 2008,”it was no wonder that both she and her new fans were a bit shocked, but delightfully so! “It is hard enough to get airplay even if you’re an established artist, but to have radio embrace an unknown artist is just magic!” She said. And magic seems to be exactly what Nyee’s debut CD is all about.

Nyee Moses

Nyee Moses

“Her music has that dreamy sheen of acoustic guitars and percussion dipped in spacey synths, gurgling electric guitars and fondue deep bass. Her lyrics and voice drip with the sensual evocative ache of one who worships at the altar of Sade.” -Lisa Coleman, Urban Network

Her warm personality, winning smile, and friendly disposition commanded a lot of attention from almost everyone around her. I made my way over, and introduced myself. As I suspected, we became instant friends. During our conversation, she introduced me to Christina Avaness, author, wife, mother, and health advocate who saw her husband through a health crisis which included a heart attack. Christina set out to learn not only what it would take to heal her husband, but what it would take to maintain optimum health for her entire family. She developed a lifestyle around what she learned and wrote a book, Living Beyond Organic.

That’s when I learned that Nyee had adopted a conscious living lifestyle and was enjoying a vegetarian lifestyle. Fast-forward to 2012, Nyee’s still practicing her vegetarian lifestyle, and loving every minute of it. When we decided to introduce vegan / vegetarian segments to Stitches ‘n Dishes and SND TV, I didn’t hesitate to suggest we seek Nyee’s help.

Christine Avaness

Christina Avaness, Author, Living Beyond Organic

We contacted Nyee without hesitation. Though she’s incredibly busy recording her new CD, she took time out of the recording studio to chat with us, and she loved our idea. We couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve begun recording vegan and vegetarian-focused webisodes for distribution on our Youtube channel, SND TV. The series will be recorded in Los Angeles, CA, and intends to increase Stitches ‘n Dishes presence in vegetarian and vegan communities, while raising awareness of the vegetarian lifestyle in an entertaining format.

In her public statement, Nyee said, “I am very excited to be working with Stitches ‘n Dishes. As an advocate of conscious living, I will have most fun bringing ‘what’s hot on the street’ in vegetarian and vegan food to SND TV viewers. When you want a quick veggie bite on the go, there are trucks out there just for you, and I’ll show you how to find them!”

Nyee will explore mobile vegan and vegetarian options throughout the Los Angeles area – a vegetarian hotspot – in the coming weeks. We’ll post her adventures as she discovers veggie friendly or vegetarian food trucks and food stands, and talks with some very interesting people about veggie options. Stitch was so excited, he spun in circles for at least an hour!

Stay tuned. The first webisodes and blog posts will be ready for you to feast your eyes and appetites on in just a few weeks! Nyee and the production crew are already working on the first segment – one that’s sure to have your mouth watering and your brain fortified with lots of useful veggie tidbits for your arsenal.

Visit Nyee’s Facebook band page to learn more about Nyee!

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