Second to the taco, the slider is one of the most popular menu items being sold on food trucks today. As a matter of fact, in any given week, I come across at least one new truck, specializing in its own unique variety of the popular sandwich. I believe that today’s truck called, “The Burnt Truck” may actually be the exception.

The creation of three classically trained chefs, Paul Cao and his partners Phi Nguyen and Mihn Pham, The Burnt Truck, a popular SoCal roving eatery, features a menu devoted exclusively to the specialty sandwich. The menu is so creative, I call them sliders on steroids.

Only the appearance of the truck looks burned out - the food is certainly not

They Put What On A Bun?

Emphasizing unconventional ingredients, the Burnt Truck’s sliders are huge on flavor, but small enough to complete in two-to-three quick bites.

Everything you love about country food all rolled into one

For my first selection, I opted for the Fried Chicken Slider.  I thought I’d seen just about everything that could be done to a slider, until I discovered The Burnt Truck’s rendition of the specialty sandwich.

It starts with a piece of perfectly cooked buttermilk fried chicken that’s both crunchy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. The Hawaiian-style mini buns give all of the sliders a slightly sweet flavor.

To create the sandwich, garlic mashed potatoes are spread over a Hawaiian style mini bun, then a piece of fried chicken is added with a dollop of white country gravy.

These are not your typical garden variety mini-burgers, not by a long shot

The sandwich starts with a beautiful piece of marinated pork loin that’s slightly sweet and smoky.

For my second slider, I opted for the Vietnamese Pork. The sandwich starts with a beautiful piece of marinated pork loin that’s slightly sweet and smoky.  I was pleasantly pleased to find that the pork was not dry, often an unfortunate hazard that happens if pork loin is overcooked.  Not so in this case.

Like a traditional Bahn Mi the pork is topped with paper thin slices of cucumbers and jalapenos, along with pickled carrot and daikon slaw and finished with a fresh sprig of cilantro.  The soft Hawaiian roll is spread with garlic aioli (mayo) followed with the remaining ingredients.

By far, this was the favorite sandwich of my meal.  It had all of the elements I enjoy: a combination of sweet, savory, crunchy and soft, all rolled into one amazing bite.

My only complaint: I didn’t have another.

The truck rendition of the golden arches Big Mac

For my final selection I opted for a more traditional burger.  As I examined the menu, a slider named the “Mini Mac“, a rendition of the McDonald’s Big Mac, caught my eye. I didn’t find this slider particularly exciting.  Of course, if you like Big Mac’s, then you’ll love this slider.

As with the other two sliders featured in this review, the Mini Mac is also housed on a lightly grilled Hawaiian bun spread with the The Burnt Truck’s own house made thousand island dressing.  Next, the patty is topped with American cheese and finally pickles, lettuce and thinly sliced onions.

Combination box: includes two sliders, your choice of either fries or my personal childhood favorite, Tator Tots and a drink - $8

You have two ordering options: Either a combination box that includes two sliders, your choice of either fries or my personal childhood favorite, Tator Tots and a drink for only $8.

Or you can order individual sliders for only $2.50.  An absolute steal in my opinion.

I found the service to be excellent!  A huge standout for me was that every customer was addressed by name as we collected our orders, personally thanked and invited to come back making the truck a class act in my opinion.

Overall Impression:

Service                              4

Quality                              4.5

Price                                  4

Menu Selection             5

Creativity                        4

Overall Score -              4.3

Where to find them:

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