The Slice Truck Glides Through LA.

When I first spotted the neon orange truck and realized what they sold I must admit I wasn’t particularly impressed. Then after surveying the menu I was equally less impressed ~ I mean plain cheese pizza with a choice of sausage, mushrooms or olives? What’s so unique about that I thought?

For starters I’m spoiled I must admit and perhaps I could be accused of being.. well.. rather cynical when it comes to Pizza, I mean I live in Los Angeles for crying out loud, one of the most innovative culinary cities in the country, if not the world.

I’ve experienced every conceivable ingredient that could possibly be placed on a pizza. Like Barbeque Chicken, Caviar, Smoked Salmon, Fillet Mignon, Lobster you name it, I’ve tried it. So when I saw the simple offerings available on The Slice Truck I truly wondered if this was going to be a mediocre experience.

I was mistaken!

Today’s Selection:

So for today’s selection I opted for two slices, the first a very traditional option featuring Sausage and Bacon and for the second ~ Shiitake Mushrooms and Kalamata Olives.

Simple Ingredients, Prepared Beautifully It's Like A Work of Art

First let me start by describing the crust, paper thin, almost too much so to support heavier toppings in my opinion, and yet, extremely flavorful. I truly loved it!

Straight through to the ends the crust was nice and airy almost like Focaccia (a rustic Italian flat bread) was the best part of the crust. If you’re a person who typically tosses the end pieces of the pizza crust aside, you won’t with this pizza.

So with that said if the crust is the anchor of a pizza then the sauce would be it’s captain. I swear you’ll think you’re eating the freshest tomatoes ever picked, that’s the foundation of the sauce the Slice Truck uses on it’s pizza’s. Not knowing the exact ingredients I am quite certain I tasted sweet vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil and oregano.

All the usual suspects are present here and truly at this point if all you opted for was the cheese you’d be in heaven. But I highly recommend you give the other toppings a go.

Again for my first slice I ordered the Sausage and Bacon, now I don’t know if it was the savory sausage, the sauce or both but my god the combination created a flavor explosion in my mouth. The sweet fresh Italian sausage marries perfectly with the tomato sauce.

The sweet fresh Italian sausage marries perfectly with the tomato sauce

All it will take will be one bite and you’ll feel as though you sat down to a hearty plate of meatballs swimming in rich marinara, except compact and served by the slice.

But it doesn’t stop there, no – no. These evil geniuses take a step further by adding crumbled pieces of Applewood Smoked Bacon to the mix. I know it sounds so simple but I promise you I’m not hyping this, I truly adored this pizza. The bacon pieces were generous with the fat still attached, not micro bacon bits.

Eating this slice of pizza felt comforting, like I was sitting in an Italian grandmothers kitchen being served with love. Yes! It was that good.

Next up: A Mediterranean Inspired Symphony

I love mushrooms, all kinds and whenever I order pizza I always request them. But all not mushrooms are the same. Some are woodsy, some more hearty, others have a plainer flavor profile. The later tend to take on whatever ingredients you add to create its flavor. This unique characteristic suits Shiitake mushrooms perfectly.

This pizza is like a United Nations symphony. Italian preparation, Greek Olives and Asian Mushrooms coexist in perfect harmony

Shiitake mushrooms are native to Asia where it’s not uncommon to find them used in most types of Asian cooking. A darker more fragrant mushroom, Shiitakes are quite meaty and as they tend to grow larger than other mushroom varieties and absorb flavors well you’ll often find them used in most forms of vegetarian cooking.

The Slice Truck chops them into small cubes before placing them on top of the cheese and tomato sauce covered crust. Next, whole pitted deep purple Kalamata olives are added and allowed to rest peacefully along side the mushrooms. This pizza is like a United Nations symphony. Italian preparation, Greek Olives and Asian Mushrooms coexist in perfect harmony (now if only the rest of the world could work as well together)

Again, the combination was extraordinary. The slice was quite Mediterranean ~ facilitated by the grassy olives and hearty, woody mushrooms combined with the sweet Italian basil infused tomato sauce made every bite very fresh and “clean” tasting.

Oh, and did I mention that all of the slices The Slice Truck serves is topped with more pieces of freshly chopped basil then sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan cheese?

The only thing missing was a nice glass vino.

Other Options:

You won’t find fancy toppings here, but that’s not their speciality. No, just traditional ingredients that you’ll find in any good pizza shop like pepperoni, onions, olives and the like. But what they lack in over the top ingredient options they more than make up for in the ones they do use.

All of the pizzas are made fresh and only the best ingredients top the hand-tossed crust. You’ll be inspired to eat every single bite. I know I did.

Listen ~ the Slice Truck is not some romantic bistro set in Naples Italy, but what I can promise you is after you try one slice you’ll what to Eat another and I Pray you can wait until you can visit the truck again. But you’ll Love every bite in the meantime.

Where to Find Them:

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