Hollywood Sushi Chef Danny Kim is the creator behind this roving sushi restaurant on wheels. You know I’ve explored and tried many things from a culinary perspective but Sushi remained one of those “some day” I’ll acquire a taste for delicacies.

Fortunately my appreciation began to increase once I tried my first Surf N’ Turf hand roll at the LA County Fair this past summer. So I figured if I handled that dining experience without incident I felt I was ready to expand my horizons even further. And that’s exactly what happened during a recent experience at Los Angeles based Rockin Roll Sushi Truck.

Rockin Rolls menu features twelve items, seven of which are rolls, plus four sushi options and two Spanish inspired dishes that include either shrimp or Langostino (Baby Lobster) prepared as either a Taco or a Buritto.

Still slightly skittish about being too adventurous too soon I immediately opted for the Langostino (Baby Lobster) Buritto for my first choice. Before I describe the dish let me start off by clarifying what Chef Danny labels as a ‘Buritto’ is actually not a Buritto in the traditional why you might think with rice and beans, cheese and all of that.

Crispy lobster, fresh cucumbers, raddishes, spicy mayo and eel sauce replace beans and cheese in this unconventional buritto

No, the Rockin Roll rendition feels more extra large Sushi roll, comprising steamed sticky rice like you’d find in any traditional Sushi roll but this one includes lettuce, grilled purple onions, green onions, cucumbers, raddishes, spicy mayo and eel sauce and of course Tempura battered pieces of baby lobster all wrapped in a warm tortilla.

I’ll warn you now this is a substantial sandwich. The Langostino I found to be quite fresh, although I recommend eating it immediately upon receiving your order that way you’ll ensure that your lobster remains warm and the tempura is crunchy.

I loved the creamy texture of the mayo and eel sauce, but I thought the onions were a little strong. As a matter of fact I could still taste them long after I finished my meal. Not good if taking an associate on a business lunch, just make sure you keep some mints handy before heading back to the office.

Again this is robust sandwich, hardy but not heavy. Of course if you like Sushi and you love burritos you’ll be in heaven.

Throwing Caution To Wind:

Moving on I decided to throw caution to the wind and allow myself to truly go for it, so for my second choice I settled on the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Sushi.

An inside out sushi roll thats both crunchy and creamy and topped with flavorful tuna

This dish starts with finely chopped raw fresh tuna seasoned with sesame oil and a spicy mayo that’s a combination of mayonnaise and Thai Chili sauce blended with the tuna.

Next Chef Danny Kim takes steamed white sticky rice and presses into blocks that are later deep fried to resemble hash browns. He then cuts them into generous rectangular wedges before topping the deep fried golden brown rice cakes with the tuna mixture.

Finally he finishes the roll with finely chopped scallions and toasted sesame seeds. On order comes with about six pieces and includes a side of eel sauce, wasabi and fresh ginger.

golden brown rice cakes with the sushi tuna mixture then finishes the dish with chopped scallions and toasted sesame seeds

Before I describe the flavor I want to make a confession, when I first opened the box and saw the raw tuna on top I was little taken aback. I’m not quite sure what I expected but I didn’t think the tuna would be displayed so prominently.

But of course being the professional eater I am I thought it best to just dive straight in. So for my first bite I opted to forgo any soy or eel sauce or any other accompaniments to mask the flavor, just the tuna and rice.

I must say to my surprise I throughly enjoyed it. Yes, you read it here on first on Stitches N Dishes, because of Chef Danny Kim’s Crunchy Tuna Roll I am no longer a sushi virgin!

The tuna was light, almost velvety in texture, with a nice hint of heat from the Thai Chili sauce that gratefully didn’t over power the roll.

The finely chopped scallions complimented the tuna beautifully and the rice cake made the dish quite comforting. I definitely plan to return in the near future.

Other Menu Choices:

After I concluded my meal and perused the menu further I noticed that many of the trucks items were not that hard core. For example the Crazy Danny Roll, features spicy tuna and avocado all rolled into sticky rice then deep fried and served with a side of eel sauce.

A wide variety options and prices start at around $8 to about $12 dollars

Or the Hot Night Roll (probably the most hard core of all the rolls RockinRoll offers) the roll consists of shrimp tempura, cucumber & Masago~ roe (eggs) of the capelin, a small fish before the spicy tuna is placed on top and served with eel sauce.

Or the Monkey Firecracker, again, spicy tuna, jalapeno and cream cheese rolled into white sticky rice then deep fried.

None of these I’m certain would be considered ‘true’ sushi by die hard Sushi aficionados where very little if anything is deep fried and the fish choices far more exotic.

But I totally appreciate the offerings the Rockin Roll Truck provides especially for those of us slowly easing ourselves into the sushi experience.

Most everything on the RR menu is $8 with the exception of the Hot Night and the 911 roll both priced at $10.

The least expensive item are the tacos for $3. Overall the truck offers really fresh food for a good value.

A meal for two could run about $34 dollars for four rolls total and they’re substantial enough that you could comfortably feed at least two if not three people.

I believe Rockin Roll offers something for every one at any level, but especially if you’re new to Sushi like myself I highly recommend giving them try.

Where to find them:



Service                                       3

Service was adequate, I couldn’t rate it as great or outstanding because I didn’t clearly see the order takers face and he didn’t suggest any menu items, but the food was served rather quickly and correctly.

Quality                                       4

Great flavor, no complaints in that department. I personally would have appreciated knowing little more about the details of the dish especially the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Sushi since I’m new to Sushi. Otherwise the quality of the food was surprisingly good.

Price                                           4

Rockin Roll Sushi prices are very reasonable for the quantity and quality of food you receive. Prices start at $8 for single rolls up to $10 for combo platters. You can easily get a meal for less than $20 per person.

Menu Selection                          5

Good menu for a food truck that specializes in Sushi – Offering 12 menu options 10 of them focused on rolls and Sushi. The remaining two centered around a taco and a burrito.

Creativity                                    4

I thought the design of the truck was really cool, the logo was quite inventive actually that was one of the things that stood out for me. Again, I would have liked ~ since the branding of the truck centers around it’s owner “Sushi Dan” ~ to have interacted with him. Overall I thought the inventiveness of the menu items was fun and thought provoking.

Overall Rating:                         4 plates!

I’d definitely recommend Rockin Roll Truck by Sushi Dan, great quality food, affordable prices, fast service. I’d just like to see more of Sushi Dan. If you stop by ask for him by name!

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