I believe that the heart of any good sandwich starts with it’s fillings, but the foundation of a great sandwich is based on the quality of it’s bread. Such is the case with Los Angeles based food truck MeSo Hungry. This truck has managed to turn sandwich making into an art form.

The brainchild of classically trained chef  Cory Ewing, a.k.a. “Chef Cory,” brings his 15 years of professional culinary training and extensive gourmet restaurant experience to the forefront. But its his passion for the great outdoors and traditional grilling techniques combined with his skill that inspires him most. Ewing has managed to create a four star dining experience for his ever growing legion of fans and followers.

Cory Ewing, a.k.a. “Chef Cory” - photo originally published on

This is a man that truly loves everything about his craft. He’s even gone so far as to affectionally refer to his sliders as “Big, Li’l, and Sweet Monsters”but take my word for it, you have nothing to fear, unless you find you can’t stop indulging yourself one bite.

Committed to offering some of the best sliders in the city, Chef Cory bases his creations on three things, 1. Amazing Bread, 2. High Quality Ingredients and 3. Unique Flavor Combinations. Ultimately, he’s managed to elevate this trendy sandwich into a gourmet dining experience totally capable of standing it’s own.

As I previously stated the foundation of Me So Hungry’s sliders starts with it’s choice of amazing bread.

Electing to use Brioche bread for the slider buns, his choice is highly regarded in French pastry. Brioche offers a high egg and butter content giving it a rich and tender crumb. It is “light and slightly puffy making for a soft and buttery bun that holds up very well to the variety of designer fillings Cory bases his sandwiches upon.

Eye Popping Design Draws The Customers In, But The Food Keeps Them Coming Back

Everything about the MeSo Hungry truck is a standout ~ from the design to the menu. As a matter of fact, it was the truck’s eye catching design that captured my attention from across the street.

Painted a polished black that glistened in the afternoon sun, the only other color belonging to a huge neon green monster designed on the side gives the impression that the truck is literally being engulfed by the ravenous beast.

From first glance I instinctually knew I was in for a unique experience. I was not disappointed.

Of course with a humorous name like “MeSo Hungry” I was compelled to investigate and thankfully so. Soon after I approached the truck to examine the menu board I was greeted by a stunning display of photographs that showcased the menu. Unfortunately as appetizing as the photographs appeared they couldn’t do justice to the experience of actually eating one.

A MeSo Hungry Big Combo Box - Includes 3 Big Monsters, Plus 1 Lil Monster Side

On the day of my visit the truck offered three flavor options but before I go on to describe them I must inform you that an order typically comes with two sliders, but since I was writing a review and I couldn’t just settle on any one flavor I asked the chef if he could create an order for me that would allow me to sample all three.

Gratefully he honored my request by suggested a combo box that included any three sliders sandwiches ~ my choice, plus one side (I opted the sweet potato Parmesan Garlic fries ~ more about that in a moment) and a soft drink, all for $15. I immediately accepted.

Four Star Dining, Without The Five Star Price

In keeping with his monster theme Chef Cory refers to his sliders as “Big Monsters” and his sides as Lil Monsters.

The Cali Slider - Angus Beef, Sauteed Onions, Smoked Bacon & Gorgonzola Cheese

So for my first monster I couldn’t resist the Cali Slider. A take on a traditional burger slider, MeSo Hungry starts off by using only restaurant quality Angus Beef grilled to perfection. He then tops the miniature patty with a combination of sweet bermuda onions that’s been sautéed in aged balsamic vinegar, apple-wood smoked bacon, tangy gorgonzola cheese and fresh baby garden greens.

For those not familiar Angus beef comes from Angus cattle, “the most popular breed of cattle in the U.S. It’s considered a higher quality choice of beef because of it high marble content. The higher percentage of Intramuscular fat is credited for creating a more succulent cut of meat.

Chef Cory seasons the beef with just a bit of salt and pepper before grilling, then cooks the sliders throughly without drying out the meat. The process ensures that his burgers remain juicy and full of flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed this slider; it was nicely cooked and the gourmet selection of accoutrements like the balsamic caramelized onions, bacon and cheese didn’t take away from the flavor of the meat. On the contrary, they only enhanced it.

The apple smoked bacon totally compliments the beef by adding an extra layer of woodsy barbecue flavor without actually adding barbecue sauce.

Finally he finishes the sandwich with tangy gorgonzola cheese. For those not familiar, Gorgonzola is a tingly pungent cheese ~ similar to blue or Roquefort cheese, Gorgonzola can be smoky and slightly salty. I think it’s works perfectly with in this instance, and of course combined with the sweet and slightly tart onions and you’ve got a flavor explosion that’s second to none.

Complex? Yes, but everything works together beautifully here. This is the kind of burger that you would have only been able experience at a Four Seasons or other four star dining environment, so to be able to sample something this decadent for less than $10 bucks is a concept that I can totally appreciate.

Next Up: Short Ribs, That Are Definitely Not Short On Flavor

Upon further exploring the menu I immediately spotted this little gem. Called the KTM Slider, this little guy may be small in size, but not in the flavor. After the first bite I definitely picked up a subtle Asian influence in the marinade used on the beef, this created a wonderful complexity that worked in total harmony with the pepper jack cheese and crispy onions totally compliments the succulent short ribs.

The KTM Slider, this little guy may be small in size, but not in the flavor

Please keep in mind that you’re not getting an entire rib (bone attached) on this slider, no, Chef Cory removes the beef from the bone before placing it on the buttery soft Brioche bun that’s been dressed with a generous dollop of Spicy Creme Fraiche. Creme Fraiche is like a sour cream that’s slightly tart, but MeSo Hungry takes it up a level by blending in spices like Cayenne pepper and perhaps a little smoked paprika giving it a slightly pink hue.

To round out the kick of heat I also noticed a very faint hint of toasted sesame creating a subtle Asian influence.

Eating this slider was like experiencing a Korean inspired barbecue sandwich. The short ribs are marinated and cooked perfectly. The meat was literally creamy! Every bite practically melted in my mouth. To say that I enjoyed this sandwich would be a gross understatement. I was so inspired that I forced myself to slow down so I could savor every bite.

Actually there is so much going on with this sandwich that you might become slightly overwhelmed but don’t, just know that you’re experiencing something that a true master chef has put a tremendous amount of thought into creating for you. Enjoy his efforts.

Slightly Off The Menu:

Hawaiian inspired Flyiin’ Hawaiian Chicken Slider

For my final selection I happened upon a special creation that I didn’t see as a part of the regular MeSo Hungry menu. If you’re lucky enough to happen upon their Hawaiian inspired Flyiin’ Hawaiian Chicken Slider on your visit don’t look sideways, just go for it.

This slider features smoked chicken that’s been finely shredded (like pulled pork) then blended with a sweet peppery sauce, as a matter of fact you can see small flecks of mild red pepper sprinkled throughout the meat.

Again slightly sweet this slider was another out of the ball park selection! Being the least complex in terms of ingredient pairings this slider is a updated take on a chicken salad sandwich, but instead of a chilled sandwich this one is heated.

The chef takes the toasted bun then smears a generous spoon of Chipotle Aioli on the bun before finishing with the shredded chicken and Crispy Maui Onions. This sandwich has it all, a combination of sweet heat with loads of texture, being both crunchy from the crispy onions and soft bun. A winner all around in my book.

Last But Not Least, Don’t Forget The Lil’ Monsters

As a mentioned at the start of the review the combination box comes with a side of either Sweet Potato Fries sprinkled with garlic infused parmesan cheese and a bit of parsley and a side of Spicy Creme Fraiche Sauce.

They also offer beer battered onions rings served with barbecue sauce and Popcorn Shrimp served with a Remoulade Sauce. Remoulade is like a tartar sauce except with a slight kick from either chili’s, horseradish or paprika and is typically served with seafood.

At the end of the day you’re going to walk away from MeSo Hungry with a hearty meal not only guaranteed to tickle your taste buds, but leave your wallet slightly giddy as well.

One things certain, your stomach won’t be empty, but you’ll most definitely be hungry for your next visit.

Where To Find Them:



Service                                       5

Service was outstanding, I so appreciated the actual creator of the truck personally serving me and taking the time to make suggestions.

Quality                                       5

No complaints here, the flavors were complex, yet comforting, I never felt like I was eating something I didn’t understand. Having come from a high end culinary background myself I understand the quality of ingredients that he uses and I appreciated the fact that he doesn’t skimp on quality or sacrifice flavor. Bravo!

Price                                          5

Prices are more than reasonable not only for the quantity but the quality of food you receive. Prices for single sliders start at $2 up to $15 for combo boxes, the average price rests at $9. Again for the quality the truck provides excellent value.

Menu Selection                          4

Great menu – on the website I discovered up to six different slider combinations, but on my visit they offered only three. I assume that the selection rotates based on ingredient availability. For example, for the Flyin’ Hawaiian slider on the website I found they normally use pulled pork, but on my visit they used chicken (not that I had any complaints about the substitution) actually I think they should add it to the menu.

Creativity                                    5

I’m eagerly giving five points for truck design. As I stated in my review the truck captured my attention from across the street. For me use of color, logos and inventive design is the fastest way to gain attention and they certainly achieved it. Overall I found the design, the menu and the service a solid five across the board.

Overall Rating:                         4.8 plates!

I’m definitely recommending MeSo Hungry Truck by Chef Cory Ewing, high quality food, reasonable prices coupled with attentive service and great design. Tip: If you want try a sampler combo like I had be sure to ask for the three slider combo box. And don’t forget to tell them that Stitches N Dishes sent you.

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