Today if you want to be taken seriously marketing your business online you can’t do it without some type of involvement with social media.  As a matter of fact, many small businesses are using Facebook and Twitter as an alternative to setting up a website or blog.

Of course these tools will be far more effective if implemented in unison with a private blog or website, but if you don’t have either the time or the resources to set one up at the moment don’t stress about it – there’s plenty of time to get started.

Until then you can’t go wrong by at least getting your feet wet with social media marketing by establishing an active presence on either Facebook and/or Twitter.

In the todays article I am going to illustrate ten ways food concessionaires and mobile food truck vendors are using both platforms and give you some practical tips that you can implement immediately.

10 Quick Start Tips:

1.  Make sure that the audience you want to attract is currently present on the platform you’re considering.  This is very simple to figure out.  If you currently have a Facebook or Twitter account – actively seek  out your competition.  If they have active business page then there is room for you.

2.  Search for groups of people or existing pages based on interests.  For example, if you sell cinnamon rolls go to the search area of Facebook and type in cinnamon rolls or category of food you sell and see what pages come up.

(Watch our tutorial video below that illustrates this)

3.  Friend, Like or Follow Them.  

4.  Study Their Posting Habits.  For example do the post everyday?  How many followers do they have?  Read their posts, what do they talk about?  Are they engaging? After reading their posts do you want to follow them?

 5.  Use Photos.  Obviously if you sell food the fastest way to a turn a viewer into a customer is through his/her eyes so don’t be stingy.  Provide plenty of eye candy.  Remember many people connect through what they can see before they touch – then – taste.  You can easily add photos to your Facebook profile by simple creating albums and uploading your images.

Twitpic Makes It Easy To Add Photos To Your Tweets

But don’t forget Twitter. Many people believe that Twitter is limited to only text based messages (not anymore) today you add photos and video to your profile.  How? With a simple online tool called TwitPic.

All you need to do is visit: and create a new account – if you have an existing Twitter account this is as simple as registering with your existing Twitter login info.
Now you can upload photos and small video clips that show up directly on your Twitter profile page.  We just added a new video training tutorial that will walk you through this process step-by-step please visit our new Stitches ‘n Dishes TV on YouTube channel and take a look.

It's just a click away

6.  Ask For Support. If you currently have a presence established on Facebook ask your current ‘friends’ to visit and ‘like’ your page.  Same thing for Twitter, if you have either a personal or business profile – and it doesn’t conflict with your existing business – invite your followers to connect with you on new profile page.

7.  Market the heck out of your page.  If you use Facebook look into testing low cost ads to get started.  As a matter of fact you can test ads for as little as five dollars a day.   Also don’t forget to publish your Facebook and Twitter page URL’s on all of your collateral materials like business cards, postcard flyers and posters. Especially on the side of your truck or cart etc.

Your Fans & Followers Are Dying To See What You're Cooking Up

8.  Cook Up Deals and make them exclusive to your social media fans and followers.  Don’t miss our article on coupon marketing and how to use them effectively to entice customers to connect with you.

Text Message Marketing Is Push Button Simple On Twitter

9.  Encourage Text Message Marketing you can do this easily by encouraging Twitter followers to sign up to receive instant Twitter Notifications to be delivered to their mobile device.

10.  Write & Publish Tweets & Facebook Wall posts that creates interest and encourages sharing and ultimately drives traffic to your pages.

Don't Underestimate The Power of Partnership

Bonus Tip. Seek Joint Venture Opportunities, for example explore your options to connect with local organizations in your community, especially those that have a huge social media following.  Contact a few and see how you could support them.

Perhaps you could donate a percentage of the day’s profits to the organization or charity for promoting you to their social network.

These are just some of the ways that you can leverage social media to grow your mobile food business.  But there are many more and we’d love to share them with you. Read on to learn how.

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