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We’re getting ready to announce an exciting new program for our loyal readers (more about that next week:-) but before we launch we must ask you a very important question:
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Please take a moment and make your selection on our short poll featured above. You can select up to two categories!

I know for a fact that Stitch would LOVE IT!

Also if you could tell us the name of your favorite food truck or fair food item in the comments section below that would be most appreciated.

Keep in mind that we’ll be looking closely at your answers and reading all of your comments so be sure to check back to the blog next week for details! —

Next Wednesday October 5th 2011 we’re going to reveal details on you could enjoy your favorite meal on us!

So don’t forget to leave a comment…

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  • jules l.

    I love mexican food.. basically anything with guacamole, sour cream and salsa on it :P i’m drooling at work now.

  • Stacey

    I love deep fried Twinkies as far as Fair treats are concerned, A good tri-tip sandwich or some Authentic Nachos!

    • chris

      Awesome, Stacey. So, in your opinion who makes a better tri-tip sandwich? Big Bubba or Juicy’s?

  • Jeffrey Goldade

    I love Mexican….. But my all timevorite is Italian…. I love making home made ravioli and lasagna!…. I am getting hungry right now… Although, I do love bleu cheese.. I have an award winning recipe with all my favorite ingredients…. With bleu cheese, cream cheese, cayenne pepper, bacon, mixed nuts, pear and pomengrante/ cranberry. I used to love to food blog until my family could not stand my lifestyle and kind of ruined it for me…. For some people having friends is better than having family. I love my family, but I love the family I have in the kitchen just like they are my own. :-) Sorry for the rant….

    • chris

      You made me hungry, Jeffrey! You hooked me on home made ravioli and lasagne – two staples in Italian food, and probably my two favorites. Thanks for the comment. I think I could probably put cheese on anything, and I’d love to know more about your award-winning recipe – it sounds amazing! I think you’re right; friends become our families in so many ways. Even if you’ve got a great relationship with your own family, sometimes friends just understand us better. As they say, birds of a feather flock together, and we don’t always have a lot in common with our own families aside from our blood ties. That said, you’re welcome in our family! Stitch loves family, and so do we. Our friends are at the top of our list, and we’d love to hear more from you, so feel free to keep your comments coming. So if you can’t blog, take the next best thing and comment on one. :-)

  • Paula Pawlak

    I love all the spices in Indian food. It so aromatic and bursting with flavor.

    • chris

      Me too, Paula. It’s an entirely different world of spices and flavors, and probably one of my favorite foods to explore. I don’t eat Indian foods regularly enough to remember what’s what, so every time I do eat it, it feels like the first time all over again. I wonder if it’s the same for other people… I mean I often hear people say that they love Indian food, but rarely have I heard anyone say they have a favorite dish. Do you?