With so many great food trucks on road and many more entering the market everyday it can be daunting keeping tabs on your favorites. Well never fear, Stitch is here with ways to keep you up-to-date and your appetite appeased. Check out the latest dish as Stitch reveals five hot tips to help you get the most out of your next mobile dining experience.

Tip 1. Tweet Track Your Favorite Truck. Did you know that practically every marketing-savvy mobile food truck owner has a presence on Twitter? If they don’t, they soon will. It’s the quickest way to track where your favorite food truck is currently parked or headed.

You can set this up easily by visiting the food truck’s Twitter profile page, either through your mobile phone or online, and click “Get Texts” to receive instant text messages. (see example below)

Click on the image to view example

Tip 2. Ask About The Hidden Menu. Many mobile restaurants offer items not printed on either the website or on the menu board. When you arrive at the order window, ask the order taker if they’re offering any “off the menu” specials that day. You never know, you just might discover a new hidden treasure that you can brag to your friends about.

Tip 3. Request A Frequent Visitor Reward Card. The goal of every good food truck is to encourage repeat business. The best way to accomplish this is by giving you an incentive to keep coming back. I can think of no better way (besides providing you with good service) than to reward you with a free meal or menu item (say on your 10th visit). So the next time you approach the window of your favorite food truck, request a frequent visitor card, and if they don’t offer one, suggest it. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Tip 4. Visit and Bookmark the Website. On many food truck websites you’ll be able to find the menu and see a photo gallery of menu items. Most will publish a weekly truck location schedule on their site (in my experience, text notifications distributed via Twitter are more up-to-date). You can also read the latest reviews and press acknowledgments, learn more about the owners, sign up for their e-newsletters, and submit catering requests if you’re planning an event or party.

Tip 5. Invite A Truck. The latest trend in mobile dining is having your favorite food truck cater your party. As a matter of fact, the trend is growing quite rapidly as more and more people jump on the mobile dining bandwagon. Imagine re-creating the food truck experience as you treat your guests to their favorite tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, barbeque, cupcakes, or Indian food.

Typically you can arrange for this service online via the vendor’s website. In most cases it’s as simple as filling out a catering request form. Or you can inquire about catering services on your next in-person visit.

And that’s the Dish!

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