Having grown up in Texas in the 70′s, a grilled cheese sandwich typically consisted of a slice of shrink-wrapped American cheese-like substance sandwiched between two pieces of plain white bread that was then grilled in a skillet with margarine.

When I became an adult and moved to California (more specifically San Francisco), I was introduced to a variety of natural, non-processed foods — especially artisanal cheeses. Unfortunately, much of it was accompanied by equally high prices.

As the years passed and my palette matured, I became accustomed to enjoying high quality ingredients. So imagine my delight when I became reacquainted with a childhood comfort food favorite — now “all grown up”.

I found it on The Grilled Cheese Truck.

I discovered this gourmet treasure on the Cooking Channel’s popular show, “Unique Eats”. “Unique Eats” is a program that highlights and celebrates the best in America’s latest obsession — mobile dining.

The Los Angeles-based Grilled Cheese Truck motors around the City of the Angels serving up some pretty extraordinary grilled cheese sandwiches, but keep in mind these are not your mom’s grilled cheese. For example, their signature sandwich features a mound of homemade macaroni made with sharp cheddar cheese, topped with a generous portion of succulent barbecue pulled pork and caramelized onions.

On the day I visited Los Angeles was experiencing a particularly uncomfortable heat wave, so the idea of a heavy mac-n-cheese and pork sandwich didn’t quite appeal. I opted for the Brie Melt, featuring double cream Brie cheese. For those not familiar, Brie is a soft cow milk cheese named after the Brie region of France. The intensity of the cheeses flavor changes depending upon the length of time the cheese is allowed to ripen.

The Grilled Cheese Truck’s Brie Melt is prepared with homemade fig paste, smokehouse almonds (I opted to add smoked turkey to my sandwich), all served on savory grilled black peppercorn potato bread.

The flavor profile of the sandwich was elegant and yet comforting and, I must say, one of the better sandwiches I’ve had this year.

I decided to team my order with another childhood favorite, “Tater Tots”. These french fried potatoes are the size of knuckles and are served with an optional add-on side of garlic aioli dipping sauce. All for under $10.


I couldn’t leave without indulging my sweet tooth, so I decided to try one of their signature Dessert Melts: The S’more.

The S’more Melt features fluffy white marshmallow cream, Nutella (a hazelnut and chocolate spread) and crumbled graham crackers sandwiched between two slices of slightly grilled sweet brioche bread for only $5.

At the end of the day all I’ll say is: If you either live or find yourself visiting the Los Angeles area in the near future, the Grilled Cheese Truck is worth every calorie, and definitely worth adding to your Twitter notification list.

Visit their website to see the complete menu of sandwiches and current schedule of stops. Or, as I mentioned earlier, you can opt to add them to your Twitter notification list via your mobile phone to receive instant text messages notifying you of the trucks daily location, menu specials and hours of availability. Enjoy!

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